River Cottage Australia starts June 27

Fantastic news for our fans down under - River Cottage Australia hits your TV screens next month!

The new TV series, exclusive to The LifeStyle Channel on Foxtel, will debut on Thursday 27 June.

In the eight-parter, Hugh will hand the River Cottage baton to an Australian counterpart – former Tasmanian chef, Paul West – who’ll face new challenges and uniquely Australian characters as he attempts to set up his own farm near the historic and picturesque village of Central Tilba on the NSW Far South Coast.

The series begins with Hugh travelling to meet Paul at River Cottage Australia; a former dairy farm nestled between the pristine Sapphire Coast and the imposing Mount Gulaga – a sacred place of enormous significance for the indigenous Yuin people. Together Paul and Hugh will hear first-hand their powerful message of sustainability, as well as discover how the mountain is central to their Dreamtime stories.

On the farm itself, Hugh and Paul map out a sustainable plan for the future, discover fantastic bounty as they forage locally for food and share the products of their culinary skills with the locals – who in return, will try to help them overcome the challenges of living off the land.

River Cottage Australia

As the series unfolds, it’s up to Paul to make a go of it without Hugh there to guide him. He’ll learn how to dish up whatever he’s grown, reared or caught. He’ll stock the farm with chickens, pigs and cows, establish vegetable gardens, hunt for wild food, and learn the secrets of bush tucker.

Can he build on the practices and passions developed at River Cottage in the UK?
What new challenges will the Australian environment bring?
And what will Hugh discover when he returns at the end of the series to check on his protégé’s progress?

One thing is certain; the River Cottage ethos of respect and knowledge of the land and its produce won’t just put good food on the table – it’ll make great viewing as well.

River Cottage Australia is co-produced exclusively for The LifeStyle Channel by ITV Studios Australia and Keo Films.


• We've created a brand-new forum for our friends down under. Get involved in the chat around the new series!

• One local who's been showing them how it's done is mobile butcher Matt Christison. He spent a day filming on show's farm recently and spoke about his experience. Listen here

• Hugh and Paul will be joined by renowned Australian chefs, Matt Moran and Kylie Kwong where they will discuss their thoughts on food sustainability, ethical farming and the future direction of food in Australia. An Audience With Hugh (Monday 17 June)

• River Cottage Australia Premieres June 27. Read more

• Watch: Go behind the scenes of the new TV series down under

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