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Don't throw away those flowering brassicas!

by EdibleFlowers published on

  I am on a mission at the moment to teach people on my allotment to eat up their brassicas!!   Our allotments are on the top of a windy hill and at the moment there is still very little Read More ›

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New Landshare blog

by Hillltoplandshare published on

Having been lucky enough to acquire a Landshare plot on John and Val Richardson's farm-as featured on Hugh's programme-I thought I would set up a blog to follow my wife Jo and my attempts to Read More ›


The big bad plot

by Thorpe published on

Well its that time of year again, the winter has just moved on and spring is here even though it feels like its still winter.   After all the snow I popped down to my allotment and what a sight I Read More ›

stuart oxley


by stuart oxley published on

Hi everyone. I have just started a petition to get the government to build more allotments to meet demand.If you would like to help, even if you don't want one yourself, please go Read More ›

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