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What do Quince look like?

by pilsbury
There is a bush in my neighbours gardenright up against my fence that is covered in smallish (golfball) yellow fruits that when cut have a star shape in the middle. It has been there for at least 20 years and i am sure the guy who lived there said it was a quince but i moved out and have only recently come back (been gone about 15 years) and i just wanted to check before eating them.. My neighbours have no objection to me helping myself as they dont use them at all.
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by pilsbury
Thanks looks like mine might be an ornamental but i could still use the fruit to boost the pectin in any jam i made
by Nettie
Definitely not quinces, they look exactly like apples only yellower.
somerset lad
by somerset lad
Cydonia oblonga is quince synonomous with pyrus oblonga it is a lovely fruit with a slightly furry covering and smells lovely. :wink: makes a good jelly or thicken to make a sweet. :wink: 8) The fruits are about the size of a large pear. :wink:
by Cab
Sounds like an ornamental quince bush, or Japanese quince.
by lowlander
You can use the ornamental/Japanese quince to make a jelly.
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