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Is my lamb male or female ?

by Madcow
Hi All,
dont know if anyone has come across this before, we had twins lambs born, mother has mastitus, so I'm top-up feeding what I thought was the boy, the girl seems to suckle well from the mum is doing well. The boy is growing well and active, but when I've watched him he wees from his back end, I did think his 'balls' looked strange when he was born, and his willy didnt look quite right either, but now seems the same as the other ram lambs but his wee dosent come from it !! Is he ok, or will he have problems growing later, he's destinded as a meat lamb, so no breeding problems.
Very strange is he Mungo or Margo ?
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by spineytoad1
Without a photo, my best guess would be hermaphrodite, you'd probably need to take a closer look. So long as he is weeing and pooping with normal frequency and is destined for the freezer I see no problem.
by mwells
Sounds interesting, are you able to post a photo?
by Madcow
Vet came today and confirmed little lamby is a hermaphrodite, but as she/he is bouncing around the field and eating and drinking normally he/she is not bothered by all the fuss and dosent care what she/he is !
by Wozza

QUOTE (Madcow)

Vet came today and confirmed little lamby is a hermaphrodite,

Do that mean you wont need services of a ram ??
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by Smallholdings'R'us
ew ew ew. (or should i say ewe ewe ewe)
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