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Are there signs to tell if a gilt is pregnant?

by farmingfriends
Are there signs to tell if a gilt is pregnant?

I have two gilts and I would like to know how I tell if they are pregnant apart from just waiting!


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by Carolyn1124
Keep an eye on her. If she's not pregnant she should come into season every 21 days. Her bits will be red and swollen.
big pig
by big pig
Somebody mentioned that they can have false cycles, is this true? Has anybody else experienced this?

One of our first time gilts should farrow this weekend. Who knows what will happen!! She eats slowly, looks uncomfortable, her underline has dropped and her teats are nearly 1" long. When she lays down and you rub her tummy, she grunts and rolls right over (as if to feed her piglets). Does this sound pregnant?? Strange really, my partner thought she may have now come on heat. She is doing a fantastic job of pulling the wool over our eyes.

I had a theory that the boar was too young or too camp!

Carolyn - The only advise I could give would be to leave her with the boar for about 8 weeks. If he loses interest and doesn't get jiggy, she will be pregnant.
by Carolyn1124
Thanks Big Pig, but I'm on top of my "due dates" at present :wink: I'm sure Farmingfriends will appreciate the help though
If you do see any "action" we have a gestation chart available for download here:
big pig
by big pig
Carolyn - Sorry, I did actually mean that advise for farmingfriends.

I was actually after advise myself. Gilts in-pig is a difficult subject and black pigs don't seem to show up as well as whites. I was just wondering if there was a definitive way to tell when a gilt will farrow. Our gilt is either fat and baron or just pregnant.

Does anybody else experience false seasons in their in-pig gilts?? Somebody mentioned that this can happen and I would like to know if others belive this.
by debbie
not noticed it in any of ours I am afraid.
extreme freerange rare breeds berkshire pigs and pork; Smallholding and butchery/pig processing/sausage and bacon curing courses. Authors of The Self Sufficiency bible - from window boxes to smallholdings by Simon Dawso
Carol Knights
by Carol Knights
Hi farming friends,
I have noticed seasons in in-pig gilts but only occasionally - it happens just once at three weeks after service when they should return if not pregnant and subsequent farrowing dates have shown that the first service was the one that worked.
From the time the pig is halfway through the pregnancy it should be possible to see a diagonal ' line ' on the side of the pig from the elbow up towards the tail - this marks the border of the swelling abdomen.In gilts this is not always apparent and often they just look a bit overweight right up to just before the birth. I'm afraid this is a wait and see situation.
Good luck.
Carol Knights
big pig
by big pig

Pregnant or not?? These photos were taken 3 weeks ago. We are hoping for piglets this weekend but.....what do you think?

by debbie
Looks like she is starting to udder up but if you are expecting pigs this weekend it will be pretty obvious by now. In any case she has a beautiful beautiful face (not quite as beautiful as our Kylie you understand but maybe I might be a tad biased on that one :wink: ) I just love Berkshires.
extreme freerange rare breeds berkshire pigs and pork; Smallholding and butchery/pig processing/sausage and bacon curing courses. Authors of The Self Sufficiency bible - from window boxes to smallholdings by Simon Dawso
big pig
by big pig
I understand that you are biased!!! This gilt is my favourite! We have some better examples of the breed but this one has the most character!

She has dropped a little more but I am not sure how obvious it becomes. I know that sows are really obvious but I am not sure about gilts. I know that sows can 'bag up' upto 3-4 days before farrowing, but is it true that a gilt may not bag up until hours before?

I will get some more photos today and post them up.
big pig
by big pig
What are peoples opinions on the gilt in the photo?? Is she pregnant or not?

She didn't drop any piglets this weekend!! She doesn't seem to be growing too much but her underline bows (rather than being straight) and her teats are about 1" long.
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