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feeding potatoes and sugar beet

by shamus

I am new to this website and the joy's of pig keeping and look forward to showing and eating my pigs. I will have a supply of free potatoes and sugar beet soon. Could you please advise if there are any pitfalls in feeding this free food on a regular basis? How much of a mix with propriotry feed?

Regards, S.
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Billy Berridge
by Billy Berridge
I'm no expert but, you shouldnt feed pigs raw potatoes as they contain too much starch making them too difficult to digest. With regards to suger beet, you need to be careful as suger beet can swell up to 8 times its size in the stomach if not prepaired properly. I've never fed my pigs on it but i'm sure you could if it was soaked well.

I'm told you can replace up to one third of their diet with vegtable supplement, although i would be hesitant doing this if they are weaners. Personally i would introduce it slowly, and wouldnt up the amount to one third untill they are a bit older and their digestive system is a bit stronger.

by jimcrow
Sugarbeet only effects Horse`s as you have discribed its 100% safe with other Animals

Jim crow
by debbie
potatoes should be cooked and cooled before feeding - you will need somewhere outside to do this as obviously you can't do it in your kitchen. Sugar beat pellets does not need to be soaked apart from for horses as has been said. You can replace up to a third of feed with veg matter. You should not that the sugar beat will be lower in protein than standard feed and is usually only used to slow a pigs growth down or if you need to slim a pig down - our boar often has it for periods of time so if you are using it regularly your pigs will take longer to finish.
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by dixie
I knew that sugar beet pellets has to be soaked for horses but not for other animals, but never knew why? can someone explain to me please :
by Pel
There was a report shown on here a while ago, that if you feed lots of raw potatoes to make sure you bed your pigs down in barley straw, as the natural chemicals in that balance the toxins in pototoes. Did you mean sugar beet as a plant or when pelleted? You can feed either to pigs, but remember the plant is mainly water with a little nutrients.
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panking pole
by panking pole
by debbie
its to do with horses stomaches. They are designed to be "trickle feeders" i.e. little and often and because of the shape of the stomache in a 16.h horse it would only swell to acomodate around 2.5 gallons, in addition because of its shape it can't burp and because of the "one way valve" type muscel at the top of the stomache it can't vomit you can see where the problem would be in giving a horse something that would swell in its gut so drastically which doesn't effect other animals.
extreme freerange rare breeds berkshire pigs and pork; Smallholding and butchery/pig processing/sausage and bacon curing courses. Authors of The Self Sufficiency bible - from window boxes to smallholdings by Simon Dawso
by dixie
thank you debbie, I always wondered why!
fowgill farm
by fowgill farm
i think you will find guys that Shamus is talking about raw sugar beet not the kind you get dried and bagged for nags.
Raw sugar beet we grow too for our pigs and we normally put a couple thro the turnip shredder for every meal time, its very sweet and they love it, we play it by ear and cut back their pig nuts by about 1lb a day. We also feed sugar beet whole as treats they love rolling them round and gnawing lumps off them.
As for potatoes we have pigs that will eat them and pigs that won't, again we stick them raw thro the shredder and feed as a supplementary food, we've found theres not much in them so don't cut back on the nuts. One of our older lady pigs prefers her potatoes mashed with butter cream and a touch of seasoning!!
HTh Shamus.
by debbie
I think raw potatoes arevery hard for the pigs to digest hence having to cook them if you want any food value out of them - ours do like them raw but we tend to cook them to add the extra food value and I have to say in the winter, which is when we tend to use them, the pigs love the warm potatoes on a winters morning.
extreme freerange rare breeds berkshire pigs and pork; Smallholding and butchery/pig processing/sausage and bacon curing courses. Authors of The Self Sufficiency bible - from window boxes to smallholdings by Simon Dawso
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