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Anyone had problems with badgers?

keen eater
by keen eater
Last night I was awoken by the sound of an attack on my garden chicken pen. I ran outside with a torch expecting to see a fox, to my amazement what I discovered was a badger biting the leg of one of my chickens. I was within a few feet of the animal before it ran away, I then took a quick scan of the garden with my torch seeing another two badgers scrambling out of the garden and under the wire fence. Taking a closer look around I found the carcasses of my other two chickens half eaten by the badgers.
I had no idea that badgers would take and kill poultry, has anyone else had a similar experience. I have lived in the country all of my life and have never herd of badgers taking livestock.
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by lowlander
Not me personally, but several people I know around here have problems with them, their hens being killed. One friend had a large cockerel taken too. It's not unusual.
by Alison
We had a lamb killed by badger a couple of years ago.

We have had problems, when the electric fence had failed, with them trying to get in at night, but fortunately failing.
by salopfowl
We've had a badger get inside a hen house, unfortunately they don't kill but eat the birds alive. They also eat lambs if they get the lamb while it is asleep and away from its mother. They are omnivores so eat anything they can get hold of, and with such powerful digging claws can easily rip into flimsy hen houses.
It is a good idea to wear gloves when disposing of anything killed by bedgers, if the badger has T.B there is a risk to human health from contact with their saliva.
by Di

Couple of years ago I was woken by an awful noise outside - thought it was a cat fight. Dogs inside barking. Went to investigate and found a badger had got into the hen house by lifting the poop hole door. Without thinking (and without gloves!) I grabbed badger by scruf of neck and chucked it as far as I could. It scuttled off, hotly persued by a Greyhound and Giant Schnauzer. Out of 6 hens only one survived. The others were chewed to bits, but not dead. Awful!!

Poop hole door now has a bolt on it!. Something about after the horse and bolting I think.

keen eater
by keen eater
Thanks for the replies, it’s the first time I have posted on the forum. It’s great to hear from other people with similar experiences.


by templecloud
Alarming thread this! Does anyone know of anything that will deter badgers?

We got our first chickens - 4 Black Rock and 4 Calder Rangers - last week. They are housed in a converted garden shed (Freecycle!) and I am currently installing an automatic VSB door opener - but it sounds as though this could be a badger risk.

The pop hole opens into an enclosure which is about 40 x 20 ft. I've fenced it with chicken wire - two layers: 6 ft vertical and an L shaped layer 3 ft up and 3 ft outwards. I'm planning to add additional wire / barbed wire at a angle outwards from the top to make life more difficult for foxes - but I'm wondering how effective all of this will be against badgers. We have several wandering about our garden, knocking over dustbins and strolling across our terrace most nights.

Welded mesh would cost about £600 for a 4 ft vertical barrier in an enclosure this size - which I can't afford, not to mention extending it out...

Does anyone have any advice about what I can do to make it a safer environment for our new arrivals without spending a fortune? I want them to have adequate space to run and fly. so I don't fancy a smaller more solid run.

Our ducks got taken by the fox at 3pm on a sunny afternoon last June but only rats ever tried to get into their house and run at night - although the pop hole was often open. If badgers weren't interested in them are chickens likely to be more tempting?

Any advice would be welcome as I'm new to all this! Thanks!

by salopfowl
I think you were lucky with your ducks- until the fox that is. Once badgers have found a ready meal they will return as they have a regular route every evening.. If the wire is buried into the ground round the run, they probably will give up. but you need to prevent them getting their nose under the edge of the pophole door and then pushing it up, in case they do get into the run.
keen eater
by keen eater
I don’t want to worry you but! my hens were taken from a factory manufactured corrugated tin coop. The badger is a very heavy and powerful animal and they managed to force the door of my coop until the latch gave way.

Personally I would concentrate on the shed, making sure that there are no gaps or loose panels at the bottom that a badger can work on.

And lock all doors or holes at night.

If you want welded mesh, have you tried farm dispersal sales? You can get allsorts of stuff for the right money, but be careful as they can be addictive I have lots of rusty evidence of previous bargains.

Good luck
pan man
by pan man
Are badgers able to rip at barbed wire without getting hurt?

If you dug some in to the ground below grass level so it can not be seen and also so where you knew it is hidden then any badger digging away would get a nick and maybe retreat. Is it's use allowed?

keen eater
by keen eater
Barbed wire is defiantly a good idea.

My garden is completely fenced with chicken wire as the birds were loose in the garden during the daytime. The badgers lifted the wire at the bottom to get into the garden in the first place.

I intend to run a single strand of barbed wire attached to the chicken wire at ground level as a deterrent.
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