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Ducks to eat 'duck' weed

by JW
Hope this is the right place for duck questions ???
Anyway here's the problem: largish pond totally covered in duck weed and told only a heavy frost will kill it off, or otherwise the 'get in' and scoop it out answer for ongoing short term.
Thought: ducks must eat this stuff, after all it's called 'duck' weed. The pond has a small island and could site a duck house on it to protect from preditors. But what type of duck is a good weed eater - anybody know? had thought along the lines of Kaki Cambell (good for eggs as well) or perhaps muskovy - any experiences warmly received - thanks.
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by leah
It's also called chick weed and if you look on wild rivers and ponds it's there in large quantities. Get in and drag out, very therapeutic

It sinks to the bottom in colder weather and then hey presto! it's there in the Spring
every change is scarey even if we want it
by surreybird
our large golden orf fish love to eat it.
by HarmonyHerd
A childs fishing net (£1 from poundstore) works well, just fish the weed out, and dump contents on the side of the pond for a day to let all the insects and larva crawl back, and then add to your compost heap. Quite relaxing in a weird sort of way!
by lowlander
Ducks don't eat duckweed, any sort of ducks. My muscoviers rarely go on the pond, so I wouldn't go for them; if you want good egg layers, go for Campbells or runners, or a mixture.
I've never heard duckweed being called chickweed - chickweed grows on dry land, latin name stelaria, for tis white, starry like flowers. Neither have I experience if it sinking, but a good winter will kill most of it off.
I'm with HH on the scooping out and leaving for a while, then adding to the heap as a valuable source of nutrients.
by leah
I use a kitchen sieve ...........
every change is scarey even if we want it
by HarmonyHerd
Doesn't that make the scones taste funny?
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