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How to make a pizza oven / cob oven

by rossioni
Im looking to build a small pizza oven - Like Hugh did in the last River cottage series

Does anyone have details or instructions on how best to go about it ??

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by pompeysie
by robi
the king of cob ovens is Kiko Denzer check out his book here

He has been very helpful over the years. He has always answered any question I had!!!!

I have built two ovens based on the book. They both work wonderfully.

I have not seen the R C episode yet, but the commercial I saw for it today here in Hungary shows the exact methods Denzer describes in his book!

by deepestdevon

I can also recommend "Building with Cob" by Weismann and Bryce...good instructions for an oven as part of a generally fascinating and inspiring book.  I built one in August - see my wife's comments and pictures of the process on her blog at http//  .  I'm still drying it out with a succession of small fires, but hoping to actually cook something soon !  Any suggestions as to the best fuel to use would be welcome - due to the design it's quite hard to get the wood to burn fast enough to generate much heat.

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by alchemist

Try faggots. They were used in traditional bakers ovens. You may be able to buy pimps, faggots or other firelighting bundles locally. I know someone in West Sussex who does them.

Alternatively, take a bundle of dry twigs, a mixture of very fine twigs and some up to 1/2" diameter is best. Tie them into a bundle very tightly. Length will be according to size of oven. Best to leave them to dry again before use. Light with a match, or bit of paper if you need to.

Otherwise, use kindling to get a good hot fire. 

by davecook

When I prune my apple trees, the better prunings will go into the greenhouse to store until next summer. I intend making a small bread oven up near where our bbq is.

Knowing me, I'll have a pile of very dry twigs next autumn and no oven, but the idea is there {#Smile}

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by pompeysie

I see Hugh was using his lovely oven to bake bread on the TV program last night.   Very smart.  I made one and you can learn how to build it on my blog here:

Have fun - they are awesome!


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