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reusing pickling vinegar

by mullerd
I have just made my first batch of pickled eggs and pickled onions and wondered can you reuse the left over pickling vinegar for the next batch, or is that just asking for trouble (or extremely tight of me!).
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by Stewy
Should be alright I would of thought?
Cornish Pagan
by Cornish Pagan
I usualy reuse my pickles onion vinegar by putting slices (rings) of large onions in it (whilst cold) for a few days before using the onions in salads, Don't think it would preserve the onion this way, just find that it gives a better flavour for raw onion. And being tight I hate waste so if I can reuse it I will!
somerset lad
by somerset lad
Used as said would be ok but to preserve in the same vinegar is i think asking for problems as the acidity of the vinegar has by now been diluted. I would certainly not reuse pickled egg vinegar :wink: 8) I love old pickled onion vinegar on pigs trotters, yes go on try it. :wink: 8)
Celtic Mike
by Celtic Mike
And pickled onion vinegar is amazing on chips too plus I also use it as a salad dressing with a little olive oil. Re-use, re-cycle, enjoy and oh yes - save money too!
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