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What Hugh should do next...

by jimcrow
Posted by: ozzibain

Settle down you lot. I agree DMCP, he has become distinctly corporate of late. Next move will be a suit.

And joining his classmates in the Tory party ,in Westminster.

Honestly,did he come over has a Hands on person to anybody?

He`s a good talker,i`ll give him that.

by paul735

I must say that having been to Dorset once, it is quite a lovely part of the world. I went there to Fly fish for Trout in one of the chalk streams it was an amazing couple of days, i mean i catch loads more and bigger here in Victorias High Country, but it was nice to get a Native Brown Trout.

As for Hugh moving on, well like any successfull venture thats how things go..And one thing i have learned is that because of the likes of Hugh and his show lots more people are cooking at home. I really liked his kitchen setup in the early days with the open fire so cosy.


by usmoshers

You've got to hand it to Hugh though, he has taken his love & talent of cooking and journalism and turned them into a profitable 'empire'.  We may feel left behind, but if any of us could turn what we love doing into big bucks we would surely jump on it.  Unlike Gordon Ramsey & Jamie Oliver, Hugh remains put in the choice maybe? 

I can't say I'd want to be a celebrity though...I like my privacy too much, but when one goes into the journalism/media field of work, I would suspect popular recognition is one of their goals.  I about choked when I saw Hugh wearing a tuxedo for an awards banquet....and short hair of course.  Surprised

Pam from Falmouth, KY USA
by dmcp

I think I feel' left behind' less than some here, but I'm not groupie material. As a member of a family where the men have longer hair than the women I dont like it when people are expected to conform in order to be listened to, or taken with any creditbility just because thewy are in Armani.

I'm inclined to listen less to those in suits...

by usmoshers

Other's may be able to confirm/deny this, but if someone shells out a few hundred dollars to take one of the RC onsite classes, I bet Hugh doesn't even make an appearance.  Sad

Pam from Falmouth, KY USA
by ozzi

Unless the course specifically says he will be there, then you are right usmoshers. It is all run by 'the staff' now. Still, with a family the size of the one he is breeding he will scarcely have the time to be on call all the time. And I suspect he is fairly well and truly under the thumb at home.

If you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel - run down there and light the blooming thing yourself!
by usmoshers

If I can't meet Hugh, I want to hang out with Ray (The Butcher) Smith.  Love that man. Cool

Pam from Falmouth, KY USA
by ozzi

Better sign up for a butchery course then

If you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel - run down there and light the blooming thing yourself!
by dmcp

I'll lend you my butcher usmoshers...hes looking for an assistant, and we spend many happy conversations talking recipes, cheap cuts, and game. His sausages win awards, and he when he tries new flavours I get to try them free.

Actually his number is on speed dial on my phone Embarassed but my OH doesnt mind Laughing

by usmoshers

Now I'm really jealous dmcp - Oh to be on such close terms with a butcher!  The only thing better would be friends with someone who prints currency. tee-hee

Pam from Falmouth, KY USA
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