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asked by user739308 on

I have 6, 2 week old piglets. The runt does not appear to be growing. He seems to be suckling OK but shows little or no interest in any pellets unlike the others. He will come outside with them but jus seems to want to be in amongst them not rooting very much. I would welcome any advice

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Caravan and camping at RCHQ

asked by Gd485 on

I have visited RCHQ and the Canteen at Axminster many times and have always thought Hugh & Co could make a great experience even better by having a campsite and a few pitches for touring caravans. I'm sure this would benefit many of the cookery school visitors particularly for those attending for more than one day and live a fair distance for the area. Is the hassle of getting planning and running the site the main reason why this hasn't happened?

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Ironheart wood burning oven

asked by Spitty Anne on

...does anyone keep their oven constantly burning at some level, rather than lighting it daily? If so, how many logs does it eat a day....ish ?

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Dry cure turkey leg

asked by Andrewfoden on

Preserving fruit

asked by willowsmallholding on

In the Summer August 2014 I cooked about 1.5kg's of blackberry and apple. Not wanting to use them at the time I added sugar to taste to the fruit with no extra water and spooned into kilner jars which I placed in the fridge. I used half of one of the jars in September leaving the other half in the fridge. Today I opened both the jars which looked perfect no mould or other apparent deterioration in the fruit. On tasting it and smelling it the fruit had obviously started to ferment and produce alcohol. The taste is fantastic and the fruit colour excellent and smell very pleasant. Is it safe to still use this fruit in pies and crumbles/should I reboil it prior to using it in cooking? All answers much appreciated.

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I wonder if anyone can explain a little about this to me, you can buy for example Emmental cheese, and other well known brand names from any major supermarket, some is genuine authentic Emmental, some own brand versions. Why if genuine Emmental is Swiss can the generic lower priced cheese be called Emmental when it is made say for a supermarket in Holland, not Switzerland. What I am even more concerned with is that there is also a little note on the back of so many different cheeses from all over Europe that says "Made with milk from Hungary." When I think back to the Horsemeat crisis I remember that a lot of the fraud came from places like Poland and Hungry, I am just a little concerned and would like other peoples opinion.

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Piggy trouble at abattoir

asked by Whoville farm on

Are you or any one you know struggling with the new EU law on controlled housing? The abattoir that we and most of the East Midlands use are now unable to take pigs from uncontrolled housing ie. outdoor systems. They are turning them away at the gate or rather the ministry vet is as they won't do trichinella testing! It seems ridiculous is there a way around this other than lie on the eaml2 form?

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thicky pork butchery question

asked by MrsStubbs on

I am getting a pig butchered this week and I have got the usual list of cuts to give to the butcher. I need to ask a thicky question, but daren't ask the butcher because I have known him for 20 years and he thinks I know what I am on about.
If I ask for tenderloin, what bits do I miss out on? Is it the middle of the chops?
Thank you very much.

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Charity Recipe Book

asked by chrisparky on

Following treatment for breast cancer last year, I am fund-raising for 3 cancer charities. I have promised to raise £10,000 in 12 months. One of the fundraising activities is that I have put together a recipe book, which I hope to sell to friends and family. I have asked my friends for their 'signature dish' that they like to cook and have asked them to make the dish and a send me the recipe, a photo of the person with the dish and one of the dish made. The book is now ready to print, however, today I have contacted all the participants and asked them if their recipe is a direct copy from someone's recipe book and one of the recipes is one of Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's. As every penny of the proceeds is going directly to cancer charities I was hoping if you could allow me to leave this in my book. I will obviously credit the recipe to you.
A prompt response would be really appreciated, as I will be ready to send the book to the printers this weekend.
Your co-operation would be much appreciated

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asked by m.sanders on


Next weekend I would like to bake the Christmas tree biscuits from the cakes handbook no.8 by Pam Corbin.

As I live in the Netherlands golden syrup is not easy to find, but delicious honey is.
-Is it possible to replace the golden sryp with honey in this recipe in equal amounts?
-And will it not effect the result?

Also I love Bollington's and just bought the organic golden caster sugur. In the same recipe there is used soft brown sugar.
-Is it possible to replace the soft brown by the golden caster in this recipe in equal amounts?
-And will it not effect the result?

With many thanks and best regards,
Marieke Sanders

ps sorry I did not reply how my cooking with the romertopf went. I haven't cooked with it yet. But now the wether is getting colder so maybe I will give it a try any time soon..

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