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Frozen prawns

asked by Beth17 on

I have a bag of cooked frozen prawns. The bag was sealed but there's a lot of ice in it and some of the prawns look odd - white, dry and rubbery looking and they feel soft and bend. They don't look right but are they safe to eat and why are they like this?

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Light & Easy

asked by lovesavegchallenge on

I noticed that in the new book milk substitutes do not include soya. I understand why no soy sauce because of wheat content, but can't see that there's any wheat in soya milk, which I've been using instead of dairy. Is there an issue of which I'm unaware?

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Puncture wound on Squash

asked by Sherard on

I found my un ripened squash in middle of lawn. It had been pushed a fair way from veg patch and had teeth marks in. It has now hardend off in the sun but is it safe to eat? We have badgers and if they carry TB could it cross through the bite marks to the veg? As we don't eat the skin I had the idea it would be ok but family horrified I'd feed them it

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Veg every day DVD

asked by ALM3109 on

Hi - as per someone else's question: Is there a SPECIFIC DVD on River Cottage Veg everyday? OR - can you please tell me which DVD collection these episodes, where Hugh goes Vego for the summer etc (I think series 16 and 17) and buried in? I've lloked at all the lists but cannot see any actual dvd covering this.

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Sloe Gin Drinker

asked by Traglia on

Are there any other suitable fruits to team up with sloes to reach the 500g quantity I need

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Faggot emergency

asked by stavernor on

I need to make faggots while my offal is fresh but my oven isn't working. Do you think I could steam them (possibly in a pudding basin to make it more like a haggis?) Thank you

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Pam's Piccalillie

asked by Brendah59 on

Hi,Have just made the piccalilli but the sauce seems quite runny,is it meant to be like this or will it set in the jars?

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asked by Finchleyfinnigan on

2 weeks ago I made some chutney and bottled it in clip top Kilner jars. I filled the jars hot but did not seal till cooled (I was worried about possible condensation forming and thus being a mould risk) I did NOT then put the jars in a boiling water bath in order to ensure a seal (I'm a bit of a novice at this!) Is the chutney now at risk of forming mould in a short period of time. If so can I still reheat the chutney and redo the process or at 2 weeks have I left it too late?

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Jambon sac

asked by Hynesb on

Hi there - can anyone recommend a supplier of jambon sacs for delivery? I can only find French suppliers online who all have a hefty delivery charge!
many thanks

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asked by julielef on

The Landshare website seems to have been down for the past few days? Any reason for this?

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