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I am having a Jamaican styled dinner at college and me and my group are making this dinner to pass a unit of work. Now we are doing jerk chicken kebabs(these will be grilled on the skewers in little chinks) but need chicken for on baps as well so how am I too cook this chicken as it will be a whole chicken breasts? the quickest way as well.
Also what is in the jerk seasoning?
please could some one help me asap as need to make the food order.

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asked by sven on

Hi, I recently went on the curing and smoking course at the RC canteen in Bristol and bought Steven lamb's handbook, both of which are excellent.

My question is about Steven's Bresaola recipe which is in its first stage in my fridge.

After I have applied the dry mix to the meat and left it four days should I drain off the liquid that has come out of the meat before adding the red wine? It doesn't specify that I should do this in the recipe but my instincts tell me I should be removing this liquid.



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Ribbed eggs

asked by daisleyswildgardens on

I have some re homed BHWT chickens since last November - they are now free range, feathers nearly all grown back and seem to be happy and inquisitive about everything. However I do seem to get strange ribbed eggs every now and then and a few soft shells. I feed layers mash and corn plus poultry grit on top of whatever they find in field and edges. Should I be worried?

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our local council have said they are going to evict 5 tenants for keeping live stock on the allotments, which they have done for the last 50 years, they claim they have broken there tenancy agreement, the land was given to the local people in 1820s. the council have taken rent off the same tenants for the last 50 years and never mentioned keeping live stock. can they do this ????

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RC Veg Every Day DVDs?

asked by ozchance on

Pheasant road kill

asked by cat_owner on

I travel along the Saltash to Callington road most mornings. Almost every day I see pheasants in flight. Sometimes the road is clear of pheasant road kill in the morning but will have at least one on my way back from work. I don't know the law, but isn't pheasant one of those that belongs to an owner? Seems a shame that you would choose pheasant for Christmas or Easter, yet these birds have died and been left to just be picked at by carrion birds? Are you allowed to pull over and pick one up? I don't know how to pluck a pheasant, but used to work on a pheasant farm as a child and we helped the farmer breed them, then used to get pennies for doing the pheasant beating for the various pheasant shoots. Seems to me that the meat of a pheasant hit by a lorry would be far less 'stressed' than that being beaten out of undergrowth and finally shot by (often) poor marksmen? These pheasants are literally being hit daily by the side of the road whilst in flight.

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Potato blight

asked by cat_owner on

Last year I planted my first veggie bed (about 2m x 4m). It was fairly successful (quite clay soil which is difficult, but ok). Towards the end of August the potato plants began to wither and die. I was told it was potato blight. I am about to plant leek, peas, potatoes and carrots this year and want to know if I need to do anything before I begin (is the blight likely to remain in the soil?)

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Breeding rabbits for home eating

asked by cat_owner on

A couple of years ago we went to rural Brittany and stayed in a cottage there. The neighbours were simple rural people who grew their own produce and also bred rabbits. We assumed (wrongly) that the rabbits were pets (their children treated them as such). We were invited for supper and had a lovely stew. It was rabbit. Apparently it is perfectly acceptable to breed and eat your own rabbits in Brittany. What are the laws here in the UK? Having been around farms for most of my life, I don't have a problem with it. Is there a particular type of rabbit you can buy for the purpose?

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Cat kill

asked by cat_owner on

My cats bring home 2 or 3 rabbits and a couple of pigeons per month. The rabbits are usually babies. The pigeons are typically large ones. I usually throw them into the rockery at the top of the garden, but to be honest it seems such a waste of meat! I have skinned a rabbit before (and paunched it), but am not sure if it is worth doing for baby rabbits? The meat is not old at all (probably couldn't get much fresher) ... usually still warm. Am I weird thinking I should use the meat?

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gluten free

asked by Debra C. on

Dear Hugh. I have been told that I am to be gluten and lactose free in my diet. So I have found the alternatives but don't know the ratio to normal flour etc. like if I have half a cup of normal flour how much gluten free flour I can replace it with.
Debbie C.

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