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Sloe fruit?

asked by Ali65 on

I have been given a large bag of fruit which looks like small pink and yellow plums but have been told they are sloes. I thought sloes were black, could anyone help please.

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asked by Apple Mick on

Could someone please tell me something about this fish. Is it much different from the common blue mackerel [the type usually sold in British fishmongers]. I bought two of these fish at Hastings fishmarket. I would like to know the best way to cook them. The methods I could use are:- oven bake [with or without a tomato-based sauce]; grill [with or without 'butterflying'; sream or microwave.

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How do I cook Veal.

asked by Apple Mick on

I have two veal steaks and some veal offcuts. I live alone so these will be three meals for different days, I have frozen one of the steaks and the offcuts and the other steak I will probably have on Monday. What is the best cooking method for the steaks, grill, braise, oven bake or steam; in fact the vest 2 so I can do Mondays one way and use a different method when I have the other. Should the offcuts, which are quite lean, make a good stew or casserole?

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asked by shaun31 on

This is my first year growing my own and I have two questions the first one concerns how do you know when its time pluck a cucumber? and the second question is when do tomartoes turn red?

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asked by easyas on

I have enjoyed your River Cottage series here in Thailand and the first episode shown here of your Scandimania series. I hope you are as concerned about our own environment as you are about the chickens' environment. I am appalled that Shale Gas extraction via Fracking appears to be accepted in the UK without question. Please view the documentaries "Gasland" and "Gasland 2" via a torrent download and make your own mind up about whether or not the concerns expressed therein could apply to the UK. If in your opinion they don't so be it, but IMHO you are very badly wrong !!!!
Brian Pound

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summer vegetable garden soup

asked by on

is it possible to make the soup as in the Veg book and freeze until needed? Or if not this, would making the soup the day before still be OK and refrigerated? i want it to be as fresh as possible for guests this weekend.

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Beef stew with extras

asked by Ama Cooke on

Hi Hugh, one of your recipes on Every Day was for a beef stew that had red currant jelly in it. We live in a small country town and cannot find the jelly anywhere, so were wondering what to substitute for it.

Thank you,
Jude & Ama

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Edible mushrooms?

asked by anneka.mistry on


I have picked some mushrooms from my local wooded area, as they looked too good to pass up, but before I cook them, would like to make sure that they are not poisonus/ Is there a way I can upload picture for some advice?

Many thanks

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DVD release

asked by wellgot on

Cheese and quick pickled onions recipe

asked by Plata on

Please could someone help ?

I really liked the recipe that Tim created for a cheese and quick pickled onion sandwich in season 14 episode 6. I saved the internet page link with the recipe but the link has stopped working.

If I remember rightly it was onion, salt, sugar, rosemary and cider vinegar but I do not remember the quantities.

Please could someone publish the recipe or if possible, send it to me ?

Thank you very much.

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