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asked by sandman1959 on

Having just returned to the UK after ten years and watched a River Cottage Christmas show on TV I found it some what dull. What has happened to the characters of old ? the new team seem much younger and dare I say some what boaring, they may excell in there profesions but are very bland for tv !

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asked by Apple Mick on

I will be having salmon for lunch on Boxing Day, Could someone please give a festive recipe. Usually I either steam salmon or grill it. The salmon is frozen fillets of American Pink Salmon.

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Booze Handbook beer recipes - bit nerdy

asked by SLJHudson on

Hello, I've recently started brewing and the RC Booze Handbook has been a really useful guide. All the recipes involve an infusion mash and some are all grain but some include large quantities of malt extract also. Wanting to be a purist, this seems a bit of a cop out! Can the extract be substituted for more grain in the mash or is there a benefit in adding the extract?

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Stuffed turkey breast and turkey au vin

asked by snowmoonelk on

How many does Hugh's recipe serve and is there a video or episode I can watch him doing it?

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Light & Easy - Hugh's New Book

asked by on

I have just bought Hugh's new book and made the Fruity Soda Bread and the Seedy Rye Soda Bread for the first time. Both look and smell delicious (particularly the Fruity, can't see it lasting until tea time!) The Seedy Bread looks good but I am used to putting a spread of some description on my bread (Lurpak or similar) and the thought of spreading peanut butter fills me with horror as I do need to control my weight too. Can Hugh tell me what I can make or use to replace my usual spread so I don't feel deprived while attempting to become Wheat and Gluten Free please? Also where can I buy Wheat & Gluten Free Flours/ingredients that doesn't cost an arm and a leg - although on reflection, perhaps that would be one way of losing weight!!
Many thanks. Christine.

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air drying meat got wet!

asked by user-476534 on

I recently attended a smoking and curing course at River Cottage HQ. I have cured pastrami and ham and now they are hanging outside in muslin; everything seems to have gone very well so far but unfortunately the outbuilding in which they are hanging can let in water and, due to plenty of rain last night, they all got fairly wet. I have now pat-dried them all and they seem pretty ok. I am fairly new to curing and I was wondering how much of a problem this was?

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Apple, Guinness and cheese soda bread recipe

asked by donham on

Dear Hugh,
I hope you can help me, I have tried to make your soda Bread I really enjoyed it.
I am no cooking expert as my wife does 99% of it, but your bread sounded interesting so I thought I'd have a go.
I did however have a few problems. Firstly I found it difficult to source buttermilk, so I think from memory I used Milk and vinegar, but it also seemed as though there was far too much liquid in the mix and it was too sloppy.
Also comparing it with other bread recipes, the quantities appear out of proportion in that it appears to be a lot of liquid for the amount of flour.
Please can you confirm the recipe quantities etc. on the above page are correct.
Kind regards

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Baby with milk/soya intolerance

asked by ccarter on

I'm finding it difficult getting exact replacement measurements. He was born 3 months early (1yr now) and will not be spoon fed but is pretty good at feeding himself, but he can't keep having fries and nuggets! He has some issues with textures so i have to try a lot of different things for him but its difficult to bake and cook with his milk intolerance and his special milk does not cook or bake well at all. What would be the veg oil ratio for replacing butter and what replacement milk is good, and full of goodness for him! , to cook and bake with? We can't do rice or almond milk either. I've seen the local supermarket stock an oatso milk but it seems to be marketed as a drink and not a cows milk replacement? Any assistance would be appreciated! Thanks

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bronze turkey

asked by eddieb27 on

I have reared a bronze turkey and want to killed it for christmas could you tell me when it should be killed and how long should i hang it for.
Thanking you
Eddie bennett

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Looking at various pictures of pheasants hanging some (the majority) are head up but a good proportion are head down.
Which way do y'all hang game and why?

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