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Mould mites

asked by MrsStubbs on

Any suggestions on how to get rid of mould mites in a student house in the UK? I'm running out of places to ask. It's not a damp house - it's got a high tech air exchange fan and there isn't a spot of mould visible. I'm thinking just clean everywhere as thoroughly as possible with a good fungicide, encourage them to store open packets of food in proper containers not just loose in cupboards, get a dehumidifier in there, if it's still a problem when they leave then get it properly fumigated while it's empty. Apparently, tea tree is good, so I'm even thinking about head lice spray, as there don't seem to be any tea tree household cleaning products on the market.

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Yellow liquid in pig kidney...

asked by burnhouse on

... is it what I think it is? And can I still eat it? The pig was killed yesterday so they're fresh, I've never cut up a kidney to cook before. Number one was as expected, number two was fatter and on piercing shot out a squirt of yellow liquid on the counter, which I'm assuming is something urine related. I really don't want to waste this good meat and can't find ANYTHING online or any experienced elders to consult.. help much appreciated!

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Pam's strawberry and geranium leaf jam

asked by Melissamaryb on

What kind of geranium leaf did she use? As I can think of several which would not work with strawberries at all: Chocolate or spearmint for example.

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Local produce

asked by Twilliams2 on

Hello there, I am a MA Television student and part of one of my assignments is to produce a research brief. I have chosen to do this on Local produce and how 'local' is the produce that is being marketed to us? I'd love to hear from people who have had experiences good or bad with local produce or people such as farmers or market stall owners.

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Help with research for an idea i have

asked by kippy on

Hello everyone,
I need some help with an idea i have
If there was a roasting tray that could reduce cooking times for birds by up-to 50% would you give it a try ?
Your feedback will be greatly appriciated.
Many thanks Kippy

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asked by djwizzeewalker on

Does River Cottage accept volunteers (in any aspect/category of the community) and if so does anyone know what I need to do to apply?
Thank you very very very very very much!!!!

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Writing scripted fonts onto Chocolate bars

asked by robjnewton on

If you were to be supplied with 200 high quality chocolate bars is it possible that you could add a scripted font to each one, ideally using some kind of stencil as it would be great make the wording appear as it is part of the bar and not sat onto it in the way icing would.
We are investigating whether this is a possibility as we would like to uses this chocolate bars as an invite to a very high profile fashion event in London.
Is this something that you think you could provide or could you point me in the right direction of someone who could do this?
The chocolate is both ethical and organic...

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asked by Mik Van Poelgeest on

Thank you so much for your comments regarding "sourdough success". I'll be honest, the dough was really sticky so I kept adding small amounts of flour to make it more manageable. I'll be sure to just work through the next one and not add the additional flour. I really appreciate the feedback.

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Sourdough Success

asked by Mik Van Poelgeest on

About a week ago I baked my first loaf of sourdough and it was a relatively successful attempt. The shape and look of the bread was great and it smelled fabulous. However, it was incredibly dense. It was still edible but a small slice was quite sufficient and not fully satisfying. I'm wondering how I can make the sourdough less dense, more like the sourdough you can buy where there are holes throughout the inside!? I followed Hugh's recipe from his website. If you have any insight I'd really appreciate the feedback.

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Fish Fight

asked by stampygill on


I am teacher of citizenship and have been teaching my GCSE classes about sustainability and the impact of campaigning. I would really love to show them the first fish fight programme and the Chickens, Hugh and Tesco too series but I am unable to find full versions of the episodes anywhere. Would you be able to let me have copies of these? I am happy to pay for them. I really think that the students would find them inspirational and make them develop their critical thinking abilities as they question the food around us and where it has come from.

Thanks so much


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  • Thank you, its been great chatting! Have to dash, making a birthday cake for a fellow 50-year-old. Chocolate + hazelnut, pg 374! #askHugh
  • .@Eco_Gite It spreads like mad so not in the veg patch, better in a big pot, but it does take nearly a year to produce good sized roots.
  • . @Lou_la_may Default topping is a sprinkling of soft brown sugar but a trickle of runny honey is also great. #askHugh
  • .@trishaocf Could be your choice of flour or that your sd starter needs a feed up, take a good tblsp, feed it for a few days & start again.
  • . @bookslinger always lovely to hear that people are cooking from my books and enjoying the results! #askHugh
  • .@harrycornwall Cider is a good choice, I would choose a fairly dry one as the onions are quite sweet #AskHugh
  • . @_DjTC_ soon! Early Feb is good, provided you can keep them frost-free. A sunny window is good. #askHugh
  • .@IantheCW I'm all over the roots right now, big trays of them roasted and finished with a sprinkling of toasted seeds and spices #AskHugh
  • . @ACoSfChildren but it's so flat! Actually I do have a soft spot for Norfolk and it's been a while so who knows. #askHugh
  • .@rojob1 Yes, series 3 coming your way very soon and as ever Paul champions the sustainable approach to fish, veg and meat #AskHugh
  • . @missaniela really sorry but I'm not around for that one. I will be here for the Spring Food Fair in May... #askHugh
  • .@pupspigspoulets We said goodbye to our Oxford Sandy & Blacks before Christmas, they were fab! We like ringing the changes though. #AskHugh
  • . @bookslinger It's always a treat to be given other people's goodies. Of course I try them! #askHugh
  • .@GrowandEat That's a tough one to comment on without knowing the whole picture.
  • . @MyrtlesGarden there's a lovely potato gnocchi recipe in RC Veg and you could swap a GF flour in for the wheat flour. #askHugh
  • .@pickleshlee A good way to deliver vitamins and fibre but not to be drunk by the gallon as they are often quite high in sugar #AskHugh
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