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My local superstore as just started selling river cobbler. All that i can find on the internet about it doesnt seem to be good! If it is good can anybody tell me what it tastes like and any good sugestions for recipes. I seem to remember somebody (maybe Hugh) doing a program about it!

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I like to try new fist amd was googling more about this one that my boyfriend brought home for dinner. However on looking up what people had to say about it, I promptly wished that I hadn't. Thankfully, one thing I learnt from going to Uni, was never to just believe hearsay. Unless there is scientific proof to back up something bad, then it's not necessarily true and therefore very likely to be an over reaction. I've since found some scientific reports that I am glad to say, report on the River Cobbler in a much better light. If amone is concerned, I suggest you read this for a start and in the meantime, I'm interested to see what this fist tastes like tonight:

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Got some lightly dusted river cobbler fillet tonight and was pleasantly surprised! Having never tasted it before I am glad I came across it and would highly recommend it to big fish lovers!!

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l tried River Cobbler for the first time tonight. lt was the first time l'd come across it when l found it 'smoked' in Asda a couple of days ago. lt was fresh and l got 2 fat full length fillets (vac-packed) for £2.
l cooked it as instructed, which was to wrap it in a foil parcel with sliced onion, sliced lemon and finely sliced garlic. l did this but also added chopped basil and S&P. lnstead of baking it, l steamed it for around 1/2 hour with green beans and new potatoes. While it was steaming l made a simple white sauce with plenty of chopped parsley and then added the juices from the Cobbler once l'd removed it from the steamer.
Absolutely delightful. l will most definitely be having it again very soon. Rather like smoked Haddock l felt.
After finishing it off and doing the pots, l googled River Cobbler. Turns out it's a catfish from Vietnam. Must be one of their staples l'd suggest. Couldn't find anything negative about it anyway, except maybe the yanks opinion of it .... it caused a trade war over there and as a result it's not allowed to be called catfish in the states if it's imported.


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Tried river cobbler tonight. Did not do too much with is as I wanted to see what the fish itself tasted of and what texture it had. The fish did not have a strong taste , on a positive this would make it good for people who are trying to include fish to thier repertoire.
The texture of the fish was quite firm , though I could imagine that it would not take a lot to over-cook it and make it soft.
I think that it would easily lend itself to use with other flavours for example curries, smoking, and different seasonings. Try experimenting with it. I think it would take on flavors well.

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I have tried both Basa and River Cobbler, which was featured in a Jamie Oliver Programme. Basa is lovely done in a rich cheese sauce, with mashed potato on top and then grated cheese on top (grill to brown)

Basa is farmed in Vietnam. Dn't know where Cobbler comes from, but it is the most disgusting fish. No flavour, slimey with no real 'body' to it. Could just be me, but neither Hubby or myself liked it.

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Smoked River Cobbler is a lovely meaty fish and so easy to cook. I usually lightly fry it (or steamed if Im feeling healthy) and then flake it up into a creamy sauce with pasta, courgette ribbons and garden peas. For the sauce I make a thin white sauce with a little veg stock in it, and then either creme fraiche or cream cheese stirred through it. Mmmm!

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We have been having this it goes under the name of bassa here we have got it from freezer shops.. it's what some chip shops sell as cod.. apparently it lives in sewage filled rivers.. put me off a bit, not sure if I wana eat it again, but it tasted ok and we make our own fish 'n' chips with it and it was fine..

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Thanks,never heard of it before.
So its Imported then?

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River Cobbler is basically a type of Vietnamese River Catfish. Smoked River Cobbler is a bit like a very mild smoked haddock in taste. It's nice prepared in the same way. If you want a cheap meal go for the river cobbler. Haddock is nicer though still.

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