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Different type of fish

asked by David Hilton on

With us being urged at the moment to try different more sustainable types of fish I recently tried a new species that I have seen on display in a couple of supermarkets.
"River Cobbler". Apparently it is farmed in Vietnam. It was quite cheap, 99p for a decent size fillet.
What I would like to ask is ; with it being farmed in vietnam what quality of life does the fish have and are the fish farmers fairly paid for thier work.
It is no use us eating alternative fish to cod if that itself is going to result in other fish being bred in cramped conditions and third world people being exploited.
Can anyone throw any light on this fish?

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The "thou blackguard" web page actually confirms many of the substantive things the other claims, apart from the pollution one. Industrial fish farming in specially dug ponds, fed on marine fish from one side of the world, product shipped to the other side...

I did not offer any opinion on cobbler itself: my post raised several questions which should be asked before buying any farmed fish. I can't yet find a source which answers them satisfactorily for this species.


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Sorry, but this is a scare story from 3 years ago in France, which had no foundation then, and does not now.

Yes you should be questioning food miles and sustainability, but if you'd bothered to read just a few of the posts below the article would very quickly have sussed that both Tesco and the EU do an immense amount to ensure H&S and that sourcing will not adversely impact on them.


Only reading one website will give you lots of data, maybe some information, but very little knowledge. Try googling beyond the highest answer!

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Well after reading the link that you posted River cobbler/Pangas I wont be having any more of that.
How can our supermarkets in developed countries buy such product without checking on such issues as what it has been fed on, the conditions that it has been grown/ raised and also what toxins the food may contain.
Thanks for the link Yernagates

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Another thing to ask about any farmed fish is, what are they being fed on? Often (don't know about river cobbler) it's small fish vacuumed out of the sea in a far from sustainable manner. It takes five to ten times the amount of such fish to produce farmed fish.

Then, where is it being done? Have fish-farm ponds been made in natural habitat, as happens with prawn farming in the Far East, where huge areas of important mangrove swamp has been destroyed.

And what about other impacts? Are the farms using water resources needed for other things? Do they produce effluent? Oh, and of course food miles...

Cobbler doesn't look good according to this page:


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