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Is it to early for seed trays

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Hi everyone,
Well the nights are drawing out and the mornings getting lighter too, I have started my seed trays off over the weekend, Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers and Jalapeno Chilli Peppers, they are all in a heated green house and on the packet it advised to sow theses seeds in February too, however this is my 3rd year growing fruit and veg etc and my friendly neighbour who has been growing for over 40 years has told me that I have wasted my time and money as it is far to early. Has anyone started seed trays off in February before which have been successful?

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See if they work. If they don't you have time to resow. Our next door neighbour advised us not to sow peas and beans direct in the ground as the mice had them. We tried it and he was right, so we always grow them on before planting out. Listen to what your neighbour says then find out if he is right. There are may ways of doing the same thing and you may have found another.

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Good luck. You should be fine.

PS If growing aubergines, soak the seeds overnight in water. They seem to germinate better.

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Hi Shan,
Thank you for your reply, I dont feel such a failure now :/ my neighbour means well but I think it has to be his way or no other way will work, hope my seeds germinate!

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I always start mine off at the end of Jan beginning of Feb and have had good long cropping seasons. This year due to unforeseen circumstances, I have unfortunately only just ordered my seeds - so pretty late for me.

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