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I’m a vegetarian and so do my up most to avoid eating animal rennet and gelatine products. Earlier today I nearly purchased a feta cheese that clearly stated it was made from genetically modified rennet. On further investigation on the coop supermarket website I am pleased that in fact coop have made the choice to clearly label their products, however, I am a little concerned that I have obviously been consuming GM rennet for a number of years through purchasing vegetarian cheeses.

Researching a little more I found out that for a number of years supermarkets have developed the use of GM rennet in their cheeses. An article by Raymond Blanc highlights in fact that there is little choice of vegetarian non GM rennet products.

My question is how on earth have supermarkets got away with supplying us with GM products without having to label clearly the fact its GM. I always thought this was a legal requirement, is this not true anymore?

Also, does anyone know of any alternative non GM rennet cheeses and where they can be purchased?

It seems crazy that only a few years ago, we were all demanding no GM food in our supermarkets but yet, with the pressure off, supermarkets are quite obviously feeding the nation with GM food without labelling it, but no one seems very concerned about it.

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The Search for Mr. Fearnley-Whittingstal!!

asked by sophieemu on

I am a third year degree student, and for my final major project I am creating a publication and pack in regard to raising awareness for the raising animals in ethical ways as well as highlighting the effect supermarkets are having on our food culture. I was really hoping for some sort of contact with Hugh as it would be extremely beneficial to have even the smallest amount of his input for the project. In the future I hope to have this published to get the message out there that organic and homegrown is by far the best choice in reagrd to food. Does anyone know any possible way I could get in touch with Hugh or even some of the team he works with?
If so, my email is
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
- Sophie

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