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Mussels prepared outdoors!

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Prep time
  • 20 mins
Cook Time
  • 10 mins
  • serves about 10 people
  • • 1 large piece of hardwood – we used a chunk about 1m x 1m and about 2cm deep
  • • bread to serve, plus 1 small piece to stand the first mussels on
  • • about 5kg mussels 
lots of dry pine needles
Put the wood on a sturdy, flat surface - preferably in the open air where you won't set fire to anything. Put the small piece of bread in the middle of the wood. Put four mussels in a cross formation, on their sides, hinge side up, on the piece of bread. Build the rest of the mussels around them, hinges up. Continue in concentric circles until all the mussels are used. Scatter the pine needles over the mussels in a thick layer – around 12cm thick. Set fire to the pine needles in several places. Fan the flames a little to begin with so the whole lot catches – be careful as it should go up like a fireball. The fire should burn for about 10 minutes. When it has burnt away completely, waft away the ashes from the mussels. The heat should have opened the mussels – discard any that have not opened. Serve them straight away, accompanied by fresh bread.
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