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Apple bacon - the danish adition
Apple bacon - the danish adition
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Is apple bacon on the table - there's fun around it. Apple Pork is one of the standard dishes on Christmas table. But, apple bacon is also an old Danish dinner, which was made when the money was small. But make no mistake - apple bacon gives you some of the finest taste of nature you can imagine. Good bacon, good wholesome apples and freshly baked Danish rye bread. Apple Pork should be on the top 10 in the Nordic cuisine. Made right - you get the taste of sour and sweet, salt and fat, crunchy and soft. The tickle all taste buds and gives a flashback in the history when you put it in your mouth. There is not much more to say - get started making apple bacon. Can I make a call - I do it anyway. Go guerrilla rampage and grow apple trees where they are not, like in public places, along roads and in parks. Let us give apples to the people - free apples. One must certainly not, but how many people would be happy if they could just pick all the apples they could eat. Apple bacon tastes as good cold as hot. Make plenty of it when you make it, then you will have food for a nice lunch or dinner the next day. Are you getting fat from eating pork apple? Yes, if you eat too much too often, but it is the rules of the game.

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Prep time
  • approx. 15-20 min.
Cook Time
  • 25 min.
  • Serve with freshly baked rye bread and a good beer - it gets no better.
  •  Pork slices (buy a rib roast and cut slices of it - it is cheaper)
  •  6-7 apples - all kinds can be used
  •  4 large onions
  •  1-2 tbsp. sugar
  •  1-2 teaspoons. salt
  •  approximately 50-100 grams of butter
  •  water.
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Cut slices of bacon from a rib roast. Bank the slices and fry them crispy on a hot pan with 25-30 grams of butter. Frying the bacon will make lots of fat. Remember to save all of the fat, you will need it later.

While the bacon is frying in the pan, you can peel all the onions and apples. Remove the cores and slice the apples into small pieces – but not too small. Cut onions into to halves and cut thin onion rings from it.

When the bacon is cooked, put it aside. Now add all the onions in a hot pan or 2 pans with drippings from bacon otherwise use butter. When the onions are transparent after approx. 3-4 minutes you are ready to sprinkle sugar over the onions. Turn the heat to approx. half heat, add a little water to make the onion cook instead og fry - and fry the onions ontil they are soften. Add all the onions in a bowl and set aside.

Now add the apple pieces to the hot pan with drippings or butter. Add the cooking fat gradually when cooking. the apples will absorb a lot of. When the apple pieces begin to soften and gain color add all onions in to the pan and fry both apples and onions ontil everything is mixed together. Be careful with the salt so it does not become too salty. Taste along the way and add salt so you get a good ballance between sweet and salty. When apples and onions are nice and warm and has gained increased color and the apples are soft but not muddy - the food is ready to eat.

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its years since i have had this- I used to live in Denmark eons ago- keep the recipes coming!!! frikaddelar next please!

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As a Dane I have to ad a comment: Apple Bacon is made in many ways in Denmark. I think that the only way is using bacon - well-cured and smoked and hand-cut slices!! I think that the apples usually need some sugar. Apple bacon just tastes great both hot and cold.
I have heard that in old days pears were used instead of apples if they were numerous.

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Thanks for that Carsten. My family (or part of it) came from Langeland so it will be nice to sample some Danish food. You will probably have trouble altering the post as I suspect you can not edit recipes once they are up there ...

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Hi ozzi - you are right it is pork not bacon sorry. I'll try to correct it :-) I hope you will enjou - and I'll be happy for a fedd back :-D You can visit my foodblog and see more pictures from producing apple pork here: It's in danish language but you can use google translate by choosing english on the webpage. Best wishes carsten.

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Sounds like a heart attack on a plate!! My idea of a great meal. I am guessing that you mean pork when you say bacon and that this is a translation issue (though since my Danish is non-existent I may be wrong). I am basing my guess on the fact you add salt. Bacon, being salted and preserved pork, would have enough of its own salt for the dish you describe.

Will be giving it a try, to see if I am right!! Makes me hungry just reading the recipe!

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