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Beany Lasagne (with soya milk bechamel)
Beany Lasagne (with soya milk bechamel)
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When I saw the ingredients list for the Seeds of Change competition I thought "I often cook a dish that has all of those in it!" ...well maybe I'd lave out the chillies... My Dad got me into putting borlotti beans into Lasagne. They're quite a meaty bean and add a really nice texture to the meal as well as making it a more economical dinner. Noone in our house is allergic to dairy, but we all seem to do better with less of it. So soya milk in the sauce (and half olive oil, half butter), but there's still cheese on top!

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Prep time
  • hours!
Cook Time
  • 1 hr 30 mins or more
  • 4 - 8 depending on what you serve it with
  • Olive oil (or bacon rind)
  • 1 large onion
  • Minced beef (I'll work out how much next time I cook it ;o)
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • about 10 sheets Lasagne pasta (one day I might make my own...)
  • 1 large carrot
  • 1 large courgette
  • 1 bell pepper (whatever colour you fancy!)
  • borlotti beans (1 can until I learn how to grow them on here!)
  • handful of fresh basil leaves
  • oragano
  • marjoram
  • black pepper
  • red wine
  • bechamel:-
  • good splosh of olive oil
  • large knob of butter
  • plain flour (again I'll work out how much later...)
  • salt black pepper
  • nutmeg
  • Cheddar, parmesan & paprika for on top.
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meaty sauce:- --------------------- chop onion & throw in big pan with a little olive oil over a medium heat (or trimmed-off bacon rind chopped-up small for a richer flavour. cook for a bit to release the fat before adding the onions). While the onions get started find beef, release from packaging and then throw that in, too. stir. Chop courgette into thick slices, then stack the slices and cut the stacks into quarters. Throw in pan. stir. Crush garlic with flat of knife (to make them easier to peel & release more flavour), peel and chop roughly. Throw in pan. stir. Cut pepper in half: I like to start at the stalk end, slice down to the bottom, round and back to the stalk on the other side. Then it only takes a little twist and you have two separate pieces that the seeds are easy to remove from. Chop halves into half-inch strips, the strips into half-inch chunks. Throw in pan. stir. Grate a large carrot. Throw in pan. Stir. Open can of beans (/remove from plant), drain, throw in pan. Stir. Pour two glasses of wine. Throw one in pan. Stir. Roughly chop basil and throw in pan with a good shake of majoram & oregano and plenty of twists of the black pepper mill. Stir. While that simmers for a while (at least half an hour, preferably more) over a low heat we'll make the bechamel. but I also like to pre-cook my lasagne pasta 'for free' by placing a couple of sheets at a time on top of the meat sauce while it simmers. Few mins, turn, few more mins, for each pair of sheets. Bechamel:- ----------------- Splosh the oil into another pan. Medium heat. Chuck in butter. Watch it melt. enjoy the smell! Remove from heat. (turn pasta!) Add flour (enough to soak-up all that fat) and stir 'til you've got a firm doughy mixture. Add a little milk, stir, add a little more, etc... Don't add the next splosh off milk 'till the mixture is back to a consistent consistency! Keep going 'til you've got the thickness of pourable cream, then put over a low heat & stir in the rest of the milk, add a few twists of pepper, a good pinch of salt or two and a sprinkling of nutmeg. Don't leave it too long between stirs. You want it to get hot enough to lose that raw floury taste, but it's really easy to stick it to the bottom of the pan, too, so keep the heat low & the stirrings frequent. You might need to add a little more milk/seasoning. Taste & see... ***Get oven warming up (maybe sooner than this if you have electric...) Remove from heat once sauce is good and thick, like... er... porridge, but without the lumps... Layer it all up:- ----------------------- three layers of meat sauce, white sauce & pasta, topped off with grated mature cheddar & finely grated parmesan. A little shake of paprika makes it look nice. Bung in oven at gas mark 5 (190 degrees C) for 40 mins I had no idea it would take this long to type in!
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