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Devilled Ox Liver
Devilled Ox Liver
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This hearty English toast topper is from River Cottage Every Day.

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Prep time
  • 10 minutes
Cook Time
  • 10 minutes
  • 2
  • * 2 tsp redcurrant jelly
  • * 1 tbsp cider vinegar
  • * 1 tbsp English mustard
  • * A few good shakes of Worcester sauce
  • * A few shakes of Tabasco sauce
  • * A little rapeseed or sunflower oil
  • * 300g very fresh ox liver, sliced and cut into chunky pieces
  • * 1 tbsp double cream or crème fraiche
  • * Salt and freshly ground black pepper
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1. In a small bowl, whisk together the redcurrant jelly, cider vinegar, mustard, Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco sauce.

2. Heat about 1 tbsp oil in a good-sized frying pan over a medium-high heat. Add the liver and cook, stirring often, for around 3 minutes, until it starts to get a good colour on the outside. Add the redcurrant jelly mixture and stir well.

3. Let the mixture simmer for another 2-3 minutes, until the sauce has reduced to a rich, syrupy glaze. Stir in the cream then season to taste. Serve straight away, on hot toast.

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Is it possible to use Greek yoghurt instead of cream?

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OMG - Tried this tonight and it was lush - best thing I've tasted in a long, long time! I 'memorised ingrediants' before I went shopping and got it a bit wrong but it still tasted fab and will defo make again - at least once a week! I used Lambs liver instead of ox, I bought white wine vinegar instead of cider and cranberry jelly instead of redcurrant! When mixing up the sauce I really didnt think I was going to like it but it was so,so tasty. I've only ever had liver soaked in milk 4 30 mins then dipped in flour and fried served with onion gravy (mums recipe) but this is so much more lush. Liver cooked to perfection! xx Thanks for the recipe!

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I just cooked this for me and my daughter for dinner and she loved it ive only recently introduced her to liver thanks to river cottage and now shes hooked ;)

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Loved this! It even got my wife eating liver which was a challenge I previously wasn't prepared to take up. She even suggested last time we were doing our food shopping that we got some more liver in, I almost fainted!

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This is just fabulous.

I picked up our lambs plucks on Monday morning, made some pates and whatnots, and immediately froze the rest of the offal, but kept one liver back to try this recipe with. It definitely had the IMOP (Invoked Moans Of Pleasure) factor. I think I'm a reasonable cook but dishes don't often achieve that round here!
I defrosted two more livers and served them Wednesday night when we had friends round, but with honey roast carrots and baby courgettes, rosemary roast potatoes, and garlic bread, rather than on toast. I can see this recipe is going to get a lot of use - any suggestions please for other accompaniments to make a main meal rather than a snack out of it?

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