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Dutch farmers- hotchpotch
Dutch farmers- hotchpotch
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Traditional Dutch winter dish. Normally eaten with a dutch smoked sausage. However, this ingredient is not available in the rest of the world.

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Prep time
  • 30-40 minutes
Cook Time
  • 20-30 minutes
  • 4
  • 400 gr potatoes, suitable to mesh them.
  • 400 gr kale.
  • 400 gr. onions.
  • 50-100 gr. bacon.
  • a splash of milk.
  • salt and pepper.
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Peal the onions and potatoes. Cut them in small pieces and but them in a 5 liter pan, with water and a bit of salt. Let them boil, cut the kale in small pieces, and add them to the onions and potatoes, after they have been boiling for 10 minutes. the kale, onions and potatoes should be soft.

In the mean time, cut the bacon in pieces, and bake them in a separate pan. Normally there is enough fat on the bacon, so no butter is needed.

When the potatoes and kale is reasonably soft (e.g. you can easily mesh them). Drain the water from them, and mesh the lot. While you mesh them, add enough milk to make to mesh smooth. If wished a bit of the milk can be replaced by unsalted butter. Now add the bacon, and make from the fat of the bacon a gravy, by adding a bit of water. Let the gravy boil for a few minutes, till it is nice and smooth. Add the gravy to the mesh. Now add pepper and salt, as this dish tends to be a bit blend without them.

Traditionally this is eaten with smoked pig sauces (the closest you can get in England are the polish variation of this) or with thinly sliced pork belly stripes, baked.

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Ah! The traditional "stamppot". For a bit more flavour, I add 2 bay leaves to the pot of potatoes and boil as instructed. Remove the leaves before you mash and prepare as usual.


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mmmmmmhhhhh, that is a traditional north german winter dish as well. after the first frost and mostly on the 05th of December and we kids would put a plate with kale leaves outsite the house for nicolaus (st. nicholas) on my home island Borkum. and we prepare it the same way as in the recipe... so so yummy. I opt for polish smoked sausage as well.

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This is one of our favourite winter dishes too. We add our own Venison Chorizo even better than Rookworst ! available at

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When cooking the kale and potatoes, add two thimbles of good vinegar as it will soften the kale a bit more. I'm Dutch and this is one of my most favoured dishes. as well as "hutspot", a carrot & potato mash with onion and bacon bits and smothered porkchops.

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