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Pickled Walnuts
Pickled Walnuts
added by Georgee

Pickled walnuts are fine if kept 18 months Pick and pickle in late June 2008 eat Christmas 2009

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  • Green Walnuts before the shell forms inside test by pushing a needle through if it wont go discard that one Your favourite pickling spiced vinegar and a spoon of sugar How much? taste the vinegar and add as much as suits you I don't like bitter acid flavoured vinegar in any pickle and salt to make a brine that will support an egg Times 2
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Prick the nuts well with a silver or stainless fork (DO NOT USE A OLD FASHIONED IRON FORK) they were much sharper but they contaminate the nut and make a nasty taste Make the brine stir every day for 4 days then change the brine that's why X2 you need 2 lots continue to stir for 5 more days then pour off the brine and place the nuts out to dry I made a hessian drying frame about 30" square When they have turned black about 5 days is good.Jar them up with your boiling vinegar and seal Put at the back of the cupboard Try a jar the year you make them and compare to a 18 month old jar Excellent with cold beef Christmas left over sandwich.
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