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Slambuc ("SHLUM-BUTZ")
Slambuc ("SHLUM-BUTZ")
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Slambuc ("SHLUM-BUTZ") is a traditional dish of shepherds on Hungary’s great plain, called Alföld (lowlands).

Rate this recipe:
Prep time
  • 30 min
Cook Time
  • 2-3 hours (outdoor), 60 min in the kitchen
  • 4 (-12)
  • (for 4 ):
  • - 300g 'lebbencs' / squares of pasta (1 package)/
  • - 80g smoked bacon (about 3 thin slices, with more fat)
  • - 1 kg of potatoes
  • - 2 piece of a medium onion
  • - 1-2 teaspoon of red paprika (not hot)
  • - salt and pepper
  • - water
  • (optional:- pepperoni salami slices or dried smoked sausage cut to small ’cube’ shape
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Originally made with only huge amount of ‘lebbencs’ pasta (a whole spread dried pasta torn into random parts), small amount of pork fat, water and salt, some newer recipes call for bacon, vegetables and ground red paprika as well. Slambuc is really heavy meal – a native Hungarian shepherd’s meal. Originally ‘slambuc’ has to be made in a bigger pot ( big pot, cauldron).

The traditional recipe only contains potato, pasta (‘lebbencs’), bacon (with a bit more fat), onion and paprika, but you can try to make something special on your own from the ‘base’ recipe.

*Lebbencs ("LAEH-BENCH") is the name for pasta which is made by breaking large sheets into irregularly shaped pieces.

Heat a bigger bowl, on gas mark 4, put the small cube shape bacon fry it in its own fat. Fry the onion in the fat of the bacon on slow fire till it becomes "glassy", and take it away from the oven and stir the paprika into it and for last, the pepperoni salami/smoked sausage.

Peel the potatoes and cut them into small cubes. Add to the bowl; drop a pinch of salt and pepper and a little water to cover all. Cook the potatoes to be soft covered by a dish cover along with continuous stirring.
Before the end, drop the pasta into the ready potatoes and heat it together on strong fire.
The food is ready when all of the water disappears from the meal!
We can let the food a little bit ’juicy’ if we prefer that.

Serve it hot and fresh on a pre-heated plate.
Eat it with pickled apple paprika, with a glass of red wine!

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