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Sloe wine
Sloe wine
added by lisaB

Sloe wine. I got this recipe from my late Grandma's cookbook - she was given it when she was a little girl - its amazing "Farmhouse Fayre".

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Prep time
  • few hours picking sloes
Cook Time
  • an hour boiling sloes
  • you have to wait 1 year! makes 6 bottles
  • 3Ib sloes (about 2 x those supermarket clear bags used for fruit full!)
  • 1/2Ib raisins
  • 3Ib sugar
  • 6 pints water
  • wine yeast - 1 sachet
  • yeast nutrient, pectic enzyme (available from Wilkinson's)
Boil the sloes in the water - i had to use 2x large saucepans for this amount. Mash them well, adding the raisins (also mashed/chopped). Add 2Ib sugar and heat - not boiling - for just over half an hour. Leave to cool and add pectic enzyme. Cover with tea towel and leave for 24 hours, then add yeast and yeast nutrient. Cover with tea towel, leave for 10 days in warm room, stirring every day. Stir, add remaining sugar (1Ib) and strain into demijohn with airlock. Leave to ferment and bottle when wine is clear. Unfortunately, the wine needs about a year to mature before you drink it!
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Thannks for the recipe. Mine is almost ready to bottle. I scaled it up to a 20 litre bin and omitted the second dose of sugar so it won't quite as strong. My kitchen was very pink and sticky after all the cooking, stirring and poring.

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Serve with mince pies!

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