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Traditional Mead. (Honey wine)
Traditional Mead. (Honey wine)
added by Geordiegame

NOT FOR KIDS!!! This fun to make and even better to drink Mead is a traditional honey wine with an average alcohol content of approx 12%-14%. This is an ancient drink and was consumed in Saxon times. Use the finest Honey you can find. It is believed to be a strong aphrodisiac lending its name to the term Honey moon as it was largely consumed at weddings.

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Prep time
  • 30 mins
Cook Time
  • 4 months
  • 1 Gallon
  • 4-5 lbs pure raw honey (not set)
  • 1 gallon spring water
  • zest 1 lemon
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice
  • wine yeast
  • 24 raisins.

You will need a 1 gallon demijohn, airlock with bung and sterilizing agent (milton works well). a large pan, spoon and funnel.

Sterilize all equipment and work space so not to kill your yeast!!!

1. Heat 2 litres of spring water to just below boiling then add all of your honey, stir it until dissolved. allow to cool to room temp.

2. Pour honey water into demijohn and add raisins, zest and lemon juice.

3. cover the top of your demijohn and shake the hell out of that vessel getting as much air into your mixture as possible.�

4. add your yeast to the mix and give it a swirl to get it nice and wet but don't go mad with it.

5. top up to approx 2 inches from top of bottle with spring water and place bung and airlock firmly in place. keep in a warm place out of sunlight for 4 months

Now be patient, after a few days you will see a foam on top of your mead and your air lock will be bubbling away, don't worry, this is good!!! It means your yeast is happy and turning all of those natural sugars into alcohol. after 2 months the cloudy mead should begin to clear naturally and the airlock should slow down and you will get a layer of sediment called the leas on the bottom of your vessel.

After 4 months it is ready to rack into clean, sterilised bottles but be careful not to pick up any leas, you can buy filters which do a great job in keeping it out of your bottles. The longer you leave it the more mature it becomes.

This mead is 100% natural so lasts as long as you leave it corked and will be a great addition to any wine collection as well as going down a treat at dinner parties.

You can substitute the lemon zest and juice for any fruit and or spices you like, it's a great recipe to experiment with!!!

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Very excited about making this! A had a few questions if anyone could help please (I've never made mead before)! How much yeast is needed for 1 gallon? And what temperature should the mead be kept at whilst fermenting? (it just says a 'warm place'). Many thanks!

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Hi, I've recently tried this mead made by some new Beekeepar friends. They made mead for the first time using this recipe and the results were stunning. As a seasoned beekeeper I have tasted some really good and really disgusting mead- the mead I tried from this recipe is amongst the best I've tasted- last year I helped steward at The National Honey Show and tasted some gret meads- I have told my freinds to save some and enter it at the 2015 show. I have also made three lots and my brother has also had some excellent results with this recipe. I have joined this forum as a result of this fantastic recipe- here's to more excellent recipes with natural honey:)

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I made 3 batches of Mead using this recipe, Lemon, Lime and Orange. Using a vegetable peeler I peeled thick slices off each of the citrus fruits and placed them in separate demijohns. I was expecting similar flavours from each but have been pleasantly surprised to find a very different distinct flavour from each. I love mead and these first batches have been a rounding success so I will be experimenting with other fruits and spices next.

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I made this and it's delicious. I never tried mead before but I think I'll be making more

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Can I ask, what is probably a silly question.
I assume no need for yeast nutrient or camden tablet at the end etc?
Thanks so much, it is cooling on my cooker as I type.

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just got a batch of this going ion sunday, so fingers crossed for a few months time

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sweet for the response, i'll try this recipe in the next few weeks and let you know how it goes.

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I grate the zest but I don't suppose it would make much of a difference, after four months fermenting most if not all of the oils and flavours will infuse, I've made this using whole oranges quartered with a few cloves too :-)

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Hi just wondering if the zest is grated or just pieces of zest, sounds really nice and easy I'm going to try it

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