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Victorian Mutton Ham
Victorian  Mutton Ham
added by Georgee

I, like many have been searching for a recipe for a Mutton Ham and found this in a farming book.I have not tried it but have one dooin right now.Biggest problem finding a fat leg.

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Prep time
  • 3 weeks
Cook Time
  • none
  • Quite a lot of slices
  • Choose a fine grained fat leg of mutton and then.cut it into a ham shape.
  • In a thick bottomed pan put 1/2lb of bay salt 1/2lb of coarse cooking salt 2 oz saltpetre and 1/2lb coarse sugar Mix well and make it quite hot.Then place the leg in a large bowl and rub the mixture well into the meat.Turn it and rub it well with the now liquer for 4 days add a further 2oz of coarse salt and rub and turn for twelve more days Then take the ham out and rub it dry on a piece of old mutton cloth.Now hang it inwood smoke for a week /10 days.IT is to be used sliced with stewed cabbage and mash or with poached eggs for breakfast.The leg must be of a fine grain and fat or the ham will be like boot leather .It is of course needing to be fat as any pickled meat tends to dry out.This recipe is of course from when houses had large fire places and chimney bars to place the jack on.I am going to smoke mine in my converted fridge.With oak sawdust and straw.I shall make a fire with oak shavings in my fire box and cover it over with straw when its burning nicely I will damp it down with very damp oak saw dust throwing more saw dust on if required Wait to see what it eats like.Georgee
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I passionately feel that the way forward for the sheep farmer is to sell his sheep as a product and not by the carcass. I have JUST begun research into producing products such as hams, bacon, prosciutto, chrorizo etc. out of either hogget or mutton. What is the Aberdeen Angus of the sheep world- there must be a breed!?
I would love to become a sheep farmer and producer of these sort of products - at 49 have I left it to late??

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This sounds amazing! I will be off to the butchers tomo asking him for his fattest leg!

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