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Thyme, Oregano & Lemon Zest Rubbed Chicken

added by BecauseAGirlsGottaEat

Today’s recipe is for Thyme, Oregano & Lemon Zest Rubbed Chicken served with new potatoes, wilted spinach, steamed asparagus and gorgeous pan juices. At the supermarket I was ‘savings spotting’ and saw a bargain in these chicken hindquarters at about half price to normal. The darker meat of the chicken has a richer flavour and is beautiful when infused with herbs & zest, then roasted. In my pantry I always have some mini potatoes, baby spinach and a few lemons and the asparagus was so fresh it was hard to resist (but you could sub in steamed sugar snaps or green beans - you’re just after a fresh & healthy steamed veg add-in).

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