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Drunk with Oz Clarke and James May

by BuzzMoo published on
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I've just started watching Oz and James Drink to Britain. A few weeks ago I watched their "Big Wine Adventure"  filmed in the US. I've never watched a television show that's made me want to drink more than theirs, I avoid putting an episode on if there's something important to do!

 I noticed their approach to Fosters beer and I'm aware that Fosters represents "Australian Beer" overseas. I don't know when or how this happened because as the drunken duo point out, it's terrible. I'm lead to believe that Fosters, being licensed and brewed overseas, tastes nothing like Fosters made in Australia. Either way it's got unpleasant undertones; an uncle of mine - a great guy - drank so much of it it was eventually the end of him. You've got to be careful.

I can't remember the last time I saw Fosters on tap here in Australia and I'd be surprised if I saw one pop up. The point is if you're from somewhere else and think that getting a pint of Fosters will give you a good Australian experience, think again! I have no idea if they're overseas, but if you see Coopers or Boags, go for that. Quality stuff. I use Coopers Lager goo for my home brew. In fact, i'd better check on it..

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Hi Buzz Moo,

I watched a little of this program when it was aired over here, Me and Alan realy enjoyed it but then me and Alan do enjoy a good beer. We are quite into Theakstons Old Peculiar at the moment.

By the way I did enjoy watching your vidio Blog, It's so nice to put a face to a name.

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Hi Buzz. I watched the series some time ago when it originally aired. Being from Essex in the UK originally I was a larger man but after watching the series I thought I would give ales a go. I had a number of Ale drinking mates and they were forever talking about a good pint or a bad pint. Something I never worried aboout with larger. However I now know what they were talking about. The big difference in flavours between brews surprises me. I must admit I am converted. The good thing at the moment is that I am still sampling all the different types. Most pubs I go into have at least one bitter I have never tried. Its great. A big Thanks from me to Oz and James!

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Hi Buzz, You know what they say about fosters, drink too much you get a fosters flop. Not a big beer fan myself, but my Dad drinks Victoria Bitter, he is 86 must have good preservative in it. You be careful with your drinking young man!!! Don't let those men be a bad influence on you. Anne-Marie

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