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BuzzMoo's Garden - Spring video

by BuzzMoo published on

With winter on the way over in the northern hemisphere, spring is kicking in Down under. The garden (and the weeds) are starting to grow big. I've put together a slideshow of the progress - the chives are exploding, the plums are coming along (and being eaten by parrots) as are my tomatoes, beans, carrots and onions.. with some new surface area opening up in the garden thanks to the removal of a tree, there's a high chance of more to come.. 

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not an olive tree unfortunately (although there are a couple down the road, hmm...) it's some sort of hybrid plum thing. I don't know exactly the species, just that it bears a lot of sweet fruit.. I do plan on working it out.

thanks for your interest!

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was I mistaken or did I see an olive tree with olives amoung your pics? It looks realy good, loved the musice as all.

Keep bloging, love reading and watching.

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