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Technical difficulties!

by BuzzMoo published on

I host a lot of my images on my own server, so when something happens to my personal website it affects my posts here! I made a very silly mistake recently and deleted some things I shouldn't have... I'm in the process of recovering everything but until I get it all done, all my blog posts will contain broken images!

 Hopefully i'll have time over the weekend to get it sorted out. If you haven't worked it out already, I've been pretty busy! This kind of thing leads to a neglected blog but I'm happy to report this isn't the case for the garden. There's plenty going on (good and bad) but at a slower pace thanks to winter. I've recently picked up a Silvanberry plant, for example. Photos to follow.. but I just have to make sure they work before I post them :p

 Been spending a lot of time in the kitchen (warmer), so plenty of new experiences there. Will potentially attempt a cookery video at some stage soon... stay tuned! 

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Hope all goes well Buzz.

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