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Our First Lamb Season

by Luth published on
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Well its offically over, our first lambing season is over.  Our last ewe as we expected came into session a few months later then everyone else (we think she was a late baby herself) and has had twins.  We've kept them seperated for the first few weeks just until they are big enough to contend with the large lambs that can get pretty ruff in there playing.

 Overall, we had 10 lambs that survived (we lost two boys that were quite big for a set of twins).  Not including the two boys, we had 3 sets of successful twins, which is not bad when your talking about 7 ewes.

 We had even numbers of boys and girls with a straight 50/50 ratio, which is really great.  We've already got buyers for our girls, which will be moving on in the new year, before we have any issues with mating.  

 After all the stress, waiting for weeks for the girls to give birth, I sort of am already looking forward to next year...

Hopefully, will get a few photos of the last twins, as I can't help they are always so cute the first month of there life

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Very good Luth, keep up the good work.

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