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Farming Fun

by Luth published on
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Well this weekend, we did our first session of drenching and ear taging.  I have to say it was an expereince to say the least.  By the end of it I was covered in Seaweed and Apple Cider Vinegar, and we were battered and bruised.  Although our girls are lovely and come up to us on a regular occassion, in a small confind area they are completly different.

We've decided after this expereince that we will not be getting any more larger animals (ie. cows) until we are able to do such processes like this a little more stress free, for both ourselves and the animals.   The main aim is to get better sheep yards so we can all be a little safer.  

 So our priorities have changed this year.  Instead of dividing up the back paddock to accomodate a better routation, we will first look at getting some better yards, so we can manager what stock we have.  

 Any suggestions on plans etc. for small farms and what others have done would be great.  There are loads of info on the internet, although its all a bit confusing...time to go vist our sheep friends I think.

 I did submit our first worm count test, and we got a very low reading of 60/gram, so we are very chuffed to find out our girls and boys are all very healthy.

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Good news on the worms Luth. Anne-Marie

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