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Grow your own veg

by MarkD published on

I have a feeling that 2009 will be the year of Growing You Own.  What with Landshare and Capital Growth, as well as the enormous swell of interest in allotments, I have a feeling that more of us than ever will be counting the food yards rather than miles.

Starting to grow even a little of your own food can be daunting if you're a beginner, so I thought I'd offer an online guide for anyone who might need a little virtual assistance.  I also want to create a little window to what the Garden Team are doing at River Cottage.  So, over the coming months I'll be posting up pics, posts, and hopefully videos of what we are doing so please come and look in. But this isnt just meant to be outward facing - please let me have any comments, any questions and ideas you might have. 






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hi mark

what should i be doing at this time of year. the land i have in my garden is very wet in the winter i live 8ft below sealevel and about 200m from the sea we live on the old salts farms that used to supply london so can be very marshy in the winter im putting in drainage at the moment so waterlogging wont be such a problem soon.

will most veg be able to tolerate the salt in the air here also.

also will have chickens in the next few days so they may be a bit of an issue lol


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Cant wait for the pics, posts and hopefully vids, great idea, I have an allotment and love it, cant say the same for me wife but hey you cant please everybody.
Waiting in anticipation.

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Great idea Mark, should be very useful for begineers and old hands alike.

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