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Starting to grow some of your own veg

by MarkD published on
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There's no better time to start growing some of your own food than the depths of Winter. When the fire’s working hard and the beer's best kept out of the fridge rather than in it it’s time to look through seed catalogues.

It's faintly ridiculous to love this time so much but what I read now is what I’ll be eating in a few short months and I can’t help but get hungry. It's a menu of sorts, it’s just that the service takes a little longer. So, pile another log on, get a glass in one hand and a catalogue in the other - this is every bit as important as the graft later in the year.

 It's alaways worth looking out for local suppliers, but if you're after a few we have found to be excellent, try these:

Garden Organic

Edwin Tucker

Thomas Etty

Kings Seeds

Sarah Raven

 and do join the Heritage Seed Library

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Great, thanks for the heads up with the links.

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hi mark

could i also suggest seeds of italy they produce a large range of seeds and plants with some very unusual products they can be found on
when i had my shop i used to sell them they do a range of normal and organic seeds.


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