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Mrs B

Mrs B’s Irish Adventure!

by Mrs B published on

Well this Friday is when I shall be jetting off to sunny (you can only hope) Ireland! Although having an element of Irish blood running through my veins, I have never ventured there before.  I have booked myself into a couple of nice hotels one being in Galway and the other near Knock which is situated on a lake which sounds perfectly romantic (not that I will be with the love of my life, but even so it will be a nice place to read a good book).


As I don't know much about the area I was wondering if any of you know of any good places to visit in County Mayo? I would very much like to go to a ‘good old Irish pub' where I can hear some live music and of course the infamous Irish singing, Hi diddly, diddly, do!! And any ideas on places and what to eat would be helpful.


Many thanks in advance...


B x

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I think that's just speculation as the runway isn't long enough! Many of the big planes can't land here so transatlantic journeys aren't possible; we have to go via dublin.

The Marian shrine at Knock is the site of an apparition in 1870 something. It's all a bit intense for me; religious ferver at it's best (worst??) with numerous shops selling all sorts of cheap tacky religious paraphenalia. Creepy.

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Doesn't Knock have an airport with a massive runway? My missus (from Dublin) suggested it was paid for by the Americans for potential use by their bombers, and then became a designated landing site for the Space Shuttle in the event it had to abort take off over the Atlantic. Where she gets this from I don't know. And there is a religious site there too I think?

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That's about right Mrs. B.

Ballina is a big town so there'll be numerous choices of pubs. I have never drunk there so can't make any recommendations.

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Hi Marks, well I am only 37 so am looking for a little life! I will check out some of the places in Galway for my diddly diddly fix! My hotel is in Ballina on my last night I was lead to belive it is only 30mins away from the airport at knock, is that right Marks? Is there a nice pub nearby that I can go to which is nice?


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Hello Mrs. B.

I'd say that for your Diddly-Dee fix, go to a pub in Galway. Hopefully you are near the city centre and you'll have no problem finding a few pubs with sessions going on. Galway is a lovely city. Only a large town by UK standards and really vibrant and friendly. Better than Dublin by a very long shot. Other places generally only have traditional music if there is a festival on or someone starts singing and playing after a few pints (there is no guarantee of that)

Westport is a good town too; Matt Molloys (of the chieftans fame)is a good pub and there are plenty of places to eat. And the drive from Westport through the twelve pins will make the day complete (if the sun is shining)

We are about 5 miles outside Knock and always say that as a place it's not that exciting but it makes a good base to visit other places.

I have no idea if you are 21 or 91 so it depends on what you want to do. About an hours drive, through the lovely Ox mountains (via Tubbercurry) is Ballina and from there you can go either left or right. Left takes you up to the top end of Mayo and round, via Downpatrick Head ( a must ), the Ceide fields to Achill. It's a long drive but some of the most breathtaking scenery you'll get. A hidden gem. And you'll meet no-one; pure escapism.
Right takes you up the sligo coast and you can have a wonderful seaweed bath in Inishcrone.

If you want some more ideas let me know. There is so much to do. Hope you have booked for a month.

And please, bring the sunshine with you!

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Thank you, I will have quite allot of time on my hands so will have a look at westport... know anywhere in Galway at all?


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Hi Mrs B- Westport is a nice place to visit, but I don't know the place well enough to advise on good pubs. MARKS is on this site though, he may help, as he lives in the County. You'll have no end of fun in Galway though, lovely city. Enjoy!

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