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Mrs B

Lashings Of Strawberry Jam

by Mrs B published on

Well after a long time away due to technical problems on my profile page, I am back!



Here we are half way through the summer already and I have been busying myself making pots and pots of strawberry jam, some with elderflower, some with lavender and at the weekend I am due to make some raspberry too.  My kitchen has been transformed into what looks like the ‘Chivers Jam Factory' with orders to boot . . .


My first memories of jam making were of course with my mother, who as I have mentioned on a few occasions was a fine cook.  Strawberry picking with the family was somewhat of a tradition in our household.  Cousins and friends would all turn up at a specially selected farm to pick as many of these little delectable fruits as possible. In fact it always turned into a competition between us kids at who can collect the most (which of course was most pleasing to my mother).


 After a few hours picking, red shouldered, stung legged and bright pink fingered we headed home with our bounty. The house would be full of the smell of strawberries for the rest of the evening, as mum would then set to work hulling, boiling and setting the jam in the warmed jars. We were put to bed after being rewarded for our hard work with a nice fresh piece of bread and warm jam.  Then with a full tummy and happy thoughts as the smell wafted through to our room, we went to sleep to dream of strawberry fields and summer days... Ahhhh, if only life were as simple nowadays!






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Hi Mrs B

Thanks for that, i will give it a go and it successful i will make a new produce label. I do find strawberry jam the most trickiest to make of all preserves.

I met Pam the Jam a few weeks ago at the RC HQ when i attended the Preserve making course. Pam & Liz gave me a few hints and tips about running a business.


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Hi there,

Wow thats a great idea! Pam the Jam and her husband Hugh used to do the very same thing (might be worth picking her brains on the subject)
As for my strawberry and lavender jam. Grab a bunch of lavender (about 20 stems) tap them a few times to get rid of any little bugs, tie them with butchers string at the base an boil away with the strawberrys. I take them out just before putting the jam in the jars. Its lovely. I also add the spent lemmon skins and take them out at the end too!

Good luck with your new venture


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Hello Mrs B

I am loving the sound of your Strawberry & Lavender Jam. Do you just put the lavender into the pot with the rest of the ingredients?

I also have also made lots fo strawberry jam, as i have recently set up my own preserve business, so i am tempted to give lavender ago, as i have plenty of it growing in my garden.

My preserve business is still very early days as not many people know about me yet. I have spent the last few months setting everything up and making lots of produce. My kitchen as turned into a jam factory and at this very moment i have a pan of Lemon Curd simmering away on the stove.

I have my very first market stall on 22nd August and then once a month until Decemeber. People will then get to know of me and i can hopefully start selling lots of produce.


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