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River Cottage Bread Handbook

River Cottage Bread Handbook

About Me: The River Cottage Bread Handbook examines the key ingredients in baking (flour, yeast, salt and water), explains the science behind the alchemic processes, and advises on the right kit to get started. This book demonstrates how to make yeast and non-yeast breads, as well as enriched doughs and home-started sourdough, and includes sixty recipes.



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Focaccia is excellent sharing bread for serving with supper, and is really easy to make. You can certainly miss out the rosemary, and you don’t have to sprinkle the top with salt, though it is authentic. You could expand this recipe and experiment as I have often done, mixing various herbs and other flavourings into the actual dough, though I think you’d have to ask an Italian if you can still call it focaccia. You could use a food mixer to knead this soft dough.

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Alfresco Lunch at River Cottage
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