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River Cottage Bread Handbook

River Cottage Bread Handbook

About Me: The River Cottage Bread Handbook examines the key ingredients in baking (flour, yeast, salt and water), explains the science behind the alchemic processes, and advises on the right kit to get started. This book demonstrates how to make yeast and non-yeast breads, as well as enriched doughs and home-started sourdough, and includes sixty recipes.


Beetroot hummus

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For this shocking-purple variation of the classic chickpea dip, bread is used as a thickener because beetroot makes a thinner purée than chickpeas. I’ve given exact quantities here, but the way to make houmous is to add the ingredients a little at a time, tasting and tweaking as you go, until you think it is perfect. You could make a larger batch – it will sit quite happily for several days in the fridge, ready to dip raw vegetables into when you fancy a snack.

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