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River Cottage Canteen and Deli Axminster

 Introducing the Marshwood Scrumpers

Marshwood Scrumpers apple juice

With this year being such a great year for bumper apple crops, what better way to use up all of the apples than by making apple juice?

Our producers of the month do just that, The Marshwood Scrumpers, are purveyors of apple juice. They travel around the Marshwood Vale, collecting local apples and turning them into delicious cloudy juice. As one of our newest producers we are excited to promote their wares.

Come into the Axminster Canteen and deli and pick yourself up a bottle or two.

Local info: They are called the Marshwood Scrumpers after the area where they live and work; The Marshwood Vale is where they scrump for apples, in the western tip of Dorset, with the River Char running through it. 

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Thank you River cottage we're so pleased to be producer of the month all our fantastic contibuters will be ever so chuffed.

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