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Every Day Lunch | Thursday at 8pm

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Every Day Lunch | Thursday at 8pm

In River Cottage Every Day, Hugh takes his passion for cooking into other people's houses, as he helps mums, dads and kids to bring real, simple and tasty food to the table.

It’s Hugh's belief that good food should be at the heart of every kitchen, and the kitchen should be at the heart of every home.

Hugh hates the fact that in the busy modern working week lunch is in danger of losing out to the same old, same old shop-bought work place sarnie. So this show is all about the ways to reward yourself half way through the day.

Hugh gets together with chefs Gill and Tim to conjure up their take on the ultimate cheese sandwich to prove that it only takes a little imagination to lift the ordinary to the extra-special.

Hugh puts on a suit and tie to give his first-ever lunch box seminar as he tries to convince a Bristol office to embrace the ultimate DIY lunchbox. And there’s loads of other great tips on how to rescue your lunch hour, from a trio of tasty hummus’s, to a brilliant home-made pasty. While Gill knocks out a creamy and crunchy butternut and nut butter soup, the other two hatch a plan to try and make a tasty and healthy instant noodle snacks in a pot.

But can their River Cottage noodle ready meals convince some local builders?

But it’s not all about the work day lunch hour. Hugh also lets you into his secret for a perfect Saturday picnic with friends and opens the doors to his parents home for a fabulous family Sunday roast with a twist.


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