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New TV series on Channel 4

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River Cottage returns to the screen on Sunday 16 October.

The new series, River Cottage Veg Every Day, begins on Channel 4 at 8pm.

Hugh takes on a summer-long veggie challenge - without so much as a single sausage.

The TV series compliments Hugh's new book, also caled River Cottage Veg Every Day.

You can read his blog, and watch the video about his challenge here on the website.

Watch Hugh's video >
Read Hugh's blog >
See the listings >

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I find it hard to believe that anybody who is interested in the ways of RC can be so negative about veg. Doesn't it form a major part of what we know of as a balanced diet?

I have just bought the book and am looking forward to trying some of the recipes. I am a meat eater living with two vegetarians so eat meat rarely - usually BBQ's and meals out. We tend to fall into the trap of cooking the same old meals all the time, so welcome anything that will add new ideas to the pot. As a long term fan of Hugh's way of doing things, I'm sure the recipes will be fantastic!

Reducing our meat intake has a major impact on our health and the environment - why not give it a try. I was a skeptic (to put it mildly!), but 15 years with my partner has taught me a lot about veggie eating and dispelled a lot of myths - and as somebody else mentioned, it means I really enjoy the BBQ's when we have them.

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I guess those posting negative comments must never eat vegetables and therefore have no interest in cooking them well.

It's about time one of our British TV chefs was brave enough to focus on vegetables and I'm really looking forwards to it. And to eat!!

Cheers Hugh.

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I've just read the new Veg book and it's great - it's not a vegetarian cook book or written for vegetarians. it just meals without meat and yes - there is a difference!. Hugh isn't using traditional recepies and then replacing the meat with extra veg or quorn or anything and he's not asking us to go vegetarian, these are mouth watering (in my opinion) options for a meat free meal which to be honest, wouldnt do me or my bank balance any harm to have a couple of times a week.

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Oddly enough, I find a book on cooking vegetables quite useful for those moments when the kitchen garden is awash with one vegetable and I feel obliged to eat it fresh as well as putting up vast quantities of it in the freezer, bottles, chutneys etc. So while I appreciate the cynicism of your comments guys, I would like to dip into this one and see if it is worth getting. I have a great book at present called 50 ways with vegetables that I use regularly (plus three others I rarely look at). So I am open to the possibilities this offers.

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Bought the book and loved it. The bean stew is delicious! Looking forward to the new series - and I'm not vegetarian but enjoy the choice.

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Shame about two out of the three previous comments being negative.
We are all learning more about how a diet rich in meats is unhealthy for both us and the environment, and is a really inefficient way to feed the planet resource-wise.
I discovered this a couple of years ago, and, although I love my meat, I only eat it about twice a week. I feel healthier (I'm a long-distance runner and ocean swimmer) and enjoy my meat meals all the more because I have it less often!

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Kind of makes a joke of his meat books and the meat courses he runs doesnt it,
And virtually everything else he has done from the start,

Why doesnt he just call it a Vegetarian cook book ,written for his veggie followers

The mind boggles,what challenge he will take up to sell the next book

Replied on

Very much looking forward to this series (book on order). With all the knowledge we now have about the body's way of processing food (since the days of meat and 2 veg were the norm) and the many proven links to cancer, it seems pure sense to put meat back in a more balanced position in our diet ie 2 or 3 times a week (and that only when you know the farm where your meat was reared).
Thanks for branching out Hugh!

Replied on

If this is a meatless series, then you can forget me as a viewer.

Vegetables are great as an accompanyment to meat, but I'm afraid I'm not about to follow someone's journey from meat eater to vegetarian by some obscure means.

And no, I don't have the book. And will never buy it!

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