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River Cottage 'Every Day': Fish

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In River Cottage every Day, Hugh takes his passion for cooking into other peoples houses, as he helps everyone from mums and dad to kids bring real, simple and tasty food to the table – because it’s his belief that good food should be at the heart of every kitchen and the kitchen should be at the heart of every home.

Hugh in Every Day Fish

And in this series of eight one-hour episodes, Hugh tackles a different subject each week – from fruit to fish and breakfast to baking.


In tonight's episode, Hugh takes on the challenge of proving to a house full of student girls who had never cooked fresh fish before that sustainable, well-sourced fish can be both cheap and delicious

From a ‘better-than-the-chippie’ home made fish supper to marvelous mussels and tempting Thai fish curries the girls discover the edible delights that can be found at their fishmongers

While Tim tries to turn the kipper into a dinner time treat, Hugh champions the simple pleasures to be had from a tin of sardines and even dusts down his fish shaped jelly moulds to make a champagne and strawberry jelly for a dinner party with the girls.


River Cottage 'Every Day': Fish
Thursday 30 September (8pm)
Channel 4.


Channel 4: River Cottage 'Every Day'

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