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first time wine maker

by andy1234 published on

 It's been a great year for grapes growing in my greenhouse,

so thought rather than just give them away to friends, family, harvest festivals and dinners at the local village hall, thought I'd have a go out making some vino!

A good friend lent me his 1970s winemaking book but got really bogged down with some serious chemistry lessons and glamourous kitch photoss of models posing with bell jars! 

- therefore googled 'winemaking' and got some really simple answer to help me gett going as well as tips from friends.

The grapes are crushed in fermenting bin with sugar and yeast so next stage is into bell jars with fermentation locks. However would be keen to know how long I leave mixture in fermenting bin before siphoning off...

(hope to make at least 2 gallons - just hope it doesnt turn to vinegar when I last tried this as a lad in 1982!)


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Replied on

And I have just set about making wine vinegar .. I have to say it is devine.. I posted the method.. Cheers

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