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Building a clay oven - photo album of entire build.

by ballycross published on
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Hi Marcus,
I have only cooked Pizza's so far , a few garden parties , we cooked about 20 pizzas in the oven one afternoon.Everyone seemed to enjoy them and said they tasted great, really good flavour and crispy. Weather has been so crap its hard to get around to using it but going to give it one last go before the winter sets in,Slow Roast shoulder of Pork Possibly.!!

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Can someone send me the instructions on how to build a clay oven from the River Cottage Bread book? Btw... i saw the pics and your oven is awesome!! I want one for my backyard!!

Thanks in advance!

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How are you getting on with cooking in your oven?

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I really would like to build a clay oven, but my garden is tiny. Any ideas? And Wow the oven looks amazing!

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Great effort there, and a wonderful oven, for more tips on building your own oven, the uk wood oven forum is wonderfully inspiring
you should have a go at building one, a few days hard work, and it's the best thing to cook on!
here's my blog on building and cooking in a wood fired oven

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This is so impressive, wow! this is why i joined the river cottage blogging site. I am so envious of your skill and tenacity to build it. I have wanted a clay oven for years. It does look quite labour intensive but again wow!

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