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jason goode(country man fanatic)

razor fish (harvesting)

by jason goode(country man fanatic) published on

hi all,me and the family are going to sunny old skeggness at weekend,and im looking for advice on how to harvest these razorfish shellfish?i had hughs program on dvd ref:razor fish,but have missplaced it some it correct that i have to make up a salt/saline solution and to withdraw them from their hole in the sand you have to be quick and gentle so as not to damage /leave half of fish  behind?also what does their lair /hole in the sand look like?many thanks jay!{#Smile}

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thankyou ,all for advice,we didnt manage to get to skeggy at weekend but are going this week end,so will try to gather as many as poss

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Yup, living near Studland Bay and having eaten a few in my time, I agree, undercook them if you are not sure, far better eaten slightly undercooked than overcooked.

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Hey there! you will only be able to harvest razor clams at a very low tide as they are found only at the low tide mark. Living in Poole we have forraged a fair few of these and they are very good eating if they are not over cooked!

At the low tide mark you need to look for a key hole shaped hole. You can use a saline soloution or simply table salt. When you have located what you think may be a razor clam hole, pour a small amopunt of salt into the hole. Wait for a few a few seconds, the clam will first poke its detatchable part out but dont pounce too quickly. It will go back in and pop out again, this is when u need to quickly grab the clam by the shell. Hold on tight as the foot will try and pull itself back into the sand, pull the clam out when it releases.

Have fun, we love forrageing for these. A very rewarding find indeed. :)

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