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River Cottage - Down under

by martyn published on

For the moment we are caught between the fires and the floods.  Our Bush Hut is located on the banks of the currently dry Bredbo River on the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales - the colonies.  This is our tenth year of drought, but in spite of that we still battle on.

As well as growing a lot of our own garden veg - when we have enough water, we have chickens, ducks geese and turkeys.  We farm free range Berkshire pigs and have a small flock of Merino sheep.  Our one cow will one day keep us in fresh milk - I just need to finish those bales!







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Hi Martyn
Do you ever sell your berkshires? - we are wanting to have some free range rare breed pigs - we have a dairy farm in Qld.


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Hi Martyn

Sounds like you are really having to deal with some severe weather conditions to live your dream. At least here at River Cottage HQ we only have the occaisional blip in the weather.

Keep up the good work and enjoy life down under.

all the best steven

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