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my new garden

by nikki75 published on

i live in a small village on the east coast of sutherland, with my husband, three children and three dogs.

 we moved into the house in april 2007 and have 'done it up.'  now its down to buisness, as i want to grow my own veg. my husband roles his eyes a lot when i have been talking about it!  i've been nagging since we moved in and have finally won!  

i have no idea where to start although digging up the patch that 'we' or rather my husband calls the 'royal we' is probably the place to start, so 'we' will be doing this over the forthcoming weekend.

i would like to grow tatties, onions, peas, broad beans, broccili, carrots, runners, peppers, courgette, lettuce, cucumber, spring onions, spring greens - i want to grow everything that i currently spend a fortune on in the shops.  i love cooking i love veg so it makes sense!

i would also like chickens, a pig, a goat and a cow but i haven't nagged sufficiently so its just going to be growing veg for now.    maybe if i show how much money we will save doing that i may get a chicken or two!

well i shall hopefully be back at somepoint to update the goings on of our garden which i shall call tigh sona garden (happy house garden).

any tips will truly be welcome. 

 kindest regards

nikki xx


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I think the biggest problem will be an incredibly short growing season which means you'll have to sow really early in the warm and sow really early varieties i.e. ones that mature quickly. I live just outside Aberdeen and already have my Tomatoes and Chillis at about 6 cm high on the windowsill. I find that if I don't do that I end up with heaps of green tomato chutney. We've had frozen soil for the last month maybe so I can't even dig over.

I used to live in Shetland and the midges would eat my radishes! You may be a bit restricted if your soil is peaty or really sandy so I guess soil improvement would be a pretty good idea like putting in raised beds and adding the opposite i.e sand to the peat and peat to the sand. You should have a good source of seaweed too which really helps improve things too. I'm no expert but this is just guess work.

Wind may also be a problem if you're not sheltered so you may need netting or a well anchored polytunnel?

On top of all that the midges will also be a pain when you want to go out and just tend your plants. If you're nearer Moray than there should be some sunshine at least - we just get endless cloud.

I'm just guessing here.



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I also say.. sounds great!.. main point is Deep freeze and presurve!!
Veg , if purchased in the right shops is actually very cheap, and I always hear people say "I used to grow veg but you know its cheaper just to buy it".
This is actually true in the main.
Unless you discount your time and you freeze and presserve stuff. then it becomes worthwhile. ( i realize of course veg tasts so so much better when you have grown it yourself and thats a big big plus) good luck, happy harvesting

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Sounds great!

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