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Our First Gooseberry Crop

by ourgoodlifeuk published on

We planted 2 gooseberry bushes last year and they didn't do a thing, so we were delighted when this year they produced a rather handsome crop of gooseberries. The trick with gooseberries is that they are ripe the day the pigeons eat them, so it can be wise to cover them with netting to avoid this happening.

Our First Gooseberry Crop

Of course you don't have to grow your own gooseberries as they do tend to turn up in hedgerows across Britain so the avid foragers out there can go and find their own around mid June.

We have stewed the lot down with a little sugar to just soften the tartness slightly and then divided it up into smaller portions to freeze them. They are great in crumbles, pies and of course gooseberry fool!

They tasted so good that we have planted 2 more gooseberry plants this year, this time we went for a red variety.

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Brilliant - Spurred me on to sort myself out this Autumn. Great post........hc

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