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Well I suppose it was bound to happen!

by ourgoodlifeuk published on

We have been renovating on and off over the last 18 months now and I guess it was inevitable that at some point one of us would pick up an injury. What a shame it had to be the face!

Bang go my boyish good looks!

This happened whilst cutting off the bottom of our flue liner to make it the right length, and lets put it this way I will wear goggles more freely from now on!

After 3 and a half hours in A&E this was the end result....

patched up and ready for action

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A roll of kitchen roll later and the joy of the nhs!

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3 1/2hrs is a long time to stick 5 Suri strips on,

Don`t see any blood on your tee shirt

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They made a neat job of it though. It probably won't leave much of a mark at all.
And on the positive will be able to keep warm....!

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