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A few years ago I attended the excellent River Cottage Make and Bake course where I learnt how to build a clay garden oven ideal for baking bread, making delicious pizzas and roasting meat and veg. 

The summer after the course I built my own oven in my garden and, because I'm a nerd, I decided to blog the details of my build experience, thinking no one would ever look at it. I was wrong!

Almost 5 years later the blog has had over 600,000 visitors and I now run occasional "how to build" courses myself.

The oven is amazing and has changed the way we eat and entertain in our garden. The barbecue never gets a look in anymore.

I encourage anyone to have a go at building one for themselves - they are actually very easy to do.

You can find more details in my blog:

Have a go - you won't regret it!


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Excellent. It would be great to see how you get on! Best of luck with it.


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That's interesting Simon, as I'm planning to build something like that soon for my new project.

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